The Impact of IoT: How it Will Affect Our Lives

by | Blog | 10th October, 2017

Recently, experts have begun to predict that by 2020, we’re going to have more than 20 billion connected devices in the world. Although some people consider IoT to be in the realm of science fiction, the truth is that it’s quickly becoming an integral part of daily life. Although there’s...

5 Web-based Prototyping and Wireframing Tools to Consider

by | Blog | 10th October, 2017

When it comes to web development, it’s important to remember that results are everything. You could have the best design this side of the globe, but you won’t know how effective it is until you’ve found a way to see it in action. Prototyping and wireframing tools are the solutions...

How To Add Keywords And Meta Descriptions In WordPress

by | Blog | 9th October, 2017

How to Reset a WordPress Password from phpMyAdmin

by | Blog | 4th October, 2017

10 PHP Tutorials Every New Developer Should Follow

by | Blog | 3rd October, 2017

PHP is an incredibly popular and well-known scripting language, perfect for web developers. PHP language can be embedded into HTML, and it’s used across many of the websites you know on the internet today. Of course, if you want to become an expert in all things PHP, then you need...

jQuery vs Angular JS: The Differences You Need to Know

by | Blog | 3rd October, 2017

A lot of web developers find themselves wondering about the differences between certain technologies in their tool belt. While it’s worth noting that jQuery is a JavaScript library, not a framework like AngularJS, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the two come from the same backgrounds. After all, jQuery is...

How to Improve Your SEO Metrics and Content Readability

by | Blog | 3rd October, 2017

There’s more to being successful online than having the right web hosting provider, and a good website design. Search engine optimisation is the key to making sure your content gets read. Readability and SEO go hand-in-hand. Readability in the context of Search Engine Optimisation doesn’t just mean that people can...

5 Considerations for Mobile UX Design

by | Blog | 3rd October, 2017

Today, the world is more focused than ever on the importance of good user experience. The more you can differentiate yourself through experience, the more you can earn the loyalty of your target customers. UX design is all about putting the needs of the customers first – understanding the requirements...

Freelancer vs Full-Time Staff: The Pros and Cons

by | Blog | 3rd October, 2017

In the last ten years or so, the growth of telecommuting and the “gig economy” has had a huge impact on the way we work. Across the world, access to new technologies has made remote working simpler than ever, ensuring that contractors and freelancers can access just as many opportunities...

Becoming a Better Content Writer: 5 Tips

by | Blog | 26th September, 2017

Content Writing can be a rewarding, and exciting profession. Not only does it offer the opportunity to earn a lot of money if you’re a freelancer in search of a way you can use your creative talents, but it’s also a powerful way for businesses to create brand awareness online....