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June 22, 2017

Our Top 10 Premium WordPress Themes

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Here at HostPresto! we’re huge fans of WordPress. Not only was our site built on it, we’ve also created a bunch of highly optimised WordPress hosting plans for our clients – and they’re proving popular. What was once a mere blogging platform has transmuted over time into the fully fledged website and content management system as you know it today. It’s a thing of beauty from a management and administration standpoint – but visually, it’s only as beautiful as the theme you wrap it in.

So, in order to make your blogs as stunning as they can be, we’ve trawled the web and picked out (what we think) are the 10 best premium WordPress themes on the market currently.

All of them feature extensive customisation options from layouts, to styling to overall purpose. The themes below will do everything you want – and more. We’ve listed options to cover everything from regular blogs to ecommerce stores and they all have one thing in common. They’re visually stunning, feature rich and ridiculously easy to install and configure.

So, in no particular order, here they are :-

1. Oshine

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose WordPress theme you won’t go far wrong with Oshine. It is developed by Brand Exponents and features 27 unique demos to satisfy even the most demanding developer.

It also features a live page builder with built in section concepts meaning you can quickly and easily style your blog how you see fit. It also features a live text editor for easy font, colour and formatting styling.

2. Soledad

This is one of our favour blog/magazine style themes. Traditional blog themes tend to be thin on the ground these days with most high end designers opting for more multi-purposed options in order to yield a greater uptake. Soledad however, whilst highly configurable sticks to its traditions.

The Soledad website features a number of demos with ready made styles to suit a wide range of purposes and was voted the number one best selling magazine theme of the year.

3. Jevelin

Jevelin, created in 2016 by Shufflehound is a fantastic mobile-ready, multi-purpose WordPress theme designed to suit the most demanding of users. It features over 40 custom coded short codes to make styling your design a breeze and comes bundled with lots of plugins to boot allowing you to build a fully featured website with minimal time and effort.

Jevelin also features a regular blog layout, shop layout and portfolio layout should you be one of those creative types looking to showcase your work.

4. TheGem

Another one for the creative types amongst you, TheGem is a popular, well priced “high performance” WordPress theme. It is fully response and its extensive functions and features allow you to showcase your work brilliantly.

It boasts extreme versatility whether you’re looking to build a blog, landing page or even fully fledged ecommerce shop.

5. Argenta

Argenta is a theme released this year by Colabrio with a massive list of pre-made demos with a variety of looks and feels. It truly is multi-purpose both from a usability and styling perspective.

It comes with tons of short codes to allow you to style the theme how you see fit aswell as the aforementioned pre-made layouts should you not want to spend the time putting your own personal touch on it. You can also drag and drop layout elements via Visual Composer.

6. Shopkeeper

This is our favourite WooCommerce theme currently and definitely deserves its place on this list. Like with any well made ecommerce theme, it comes with all the bells and whistles with full Youtube video support, lightbox product galleries (with zooming) and customisable light/dark base layouts.

It also features drag and drop page building via Visual Composer so you can lay your shop out however you see fit.

7. Avada

Avada is one of the best selling premium WordPress themes of all time and rightly so. On the popular theme marketplace ThemeForest is boasts over 300,000 sales!

In short, whatever your purpose, however you want your site to look and whatever elements you deem necessary – Avada can provide it. The only downside is that if you’re not particularly experienced in building out blogs you may find the sheer amount of options at your disposal a little overwhelming. But stick with it, it’s worth it.

8. Impreza

Another great multi-purpose theme deserving of its place in our top 10 is Impreza. Whether you’re building a site for your mobile app, a personal blog, creative agency or even a WooCommerce store. Impreza can most definitely accommodate.

As well as regular page styling, it also features an excellent “header builder” allowing you to create any website header you see fit via its fangled drag and drop interface. It also has some great pre-made headers should you be looking to save a little time.

9. Enfold

The Enfold wordpress theme by top rated seller Kriesi is another popular theme due to its versatility. The demo version features over 100 different pages and posts so you can quickly and easily see exactly what this premium theme is cable of.

It is compatible with all versions of WordPress and WooCommerce and features a one of a kind layout editor with live preview so you can see how each element is effected.

10. The7

Not only is The7 theme great looking it is also really easy to setup. Lots of themes these days need additional plugins in order to allow their extensive features to function – but The7 does it all for you with the click of a button.

It contains 750 different theme options making it one of the most extensive themes on the market and keeping in theme with its one click install option provides a design wizard to do all of your customisation needs within a single quick and easy process.

Final Thoughts

In truth, given the sheer popularity of WordPress and the amount of premium WordPress themes available, I could have expanded this list to 50+ offerings. But the above 10 should prove a good starting point for now.

One thing I would mention is to make sure you explore the customisation options and view extensively before deciding on a purchase. Lots of the demos show only a basic rendering of the theme at hand and you have to dig a little deeper to see all of the possible configuration options and styling layouts – layouts which may suit your purpose better than the initial demo view you come across. The themes do not become so popular solely because of their visual look, it’s the options available that set them apart from other, regular good looking themes. So explore the options, choose wisely and give your blog the look and feel it deserves.

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