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Manage your Advertising and Marketing Data with Funnel

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Funnel is a tool designed to help you make the most out of your marketing strategy. This specially-designed platform allows your team to figure out what's going right in your marketing campaigns, providing you with easy access to the most powerful parts of your business data. Not only does it collect useful information, but it also organises that data into a simple format that you can use for intelligence and analytics.

The more intelligence you gather with a tool like funnel, the more action you can take that allows you to earn extra profits and loyalty from your customers. Funnel essentially allows for the programmatic improvement of your marketing efforts, ensuring that you can compete against other organisations and crush your own targets too. Some of the features of Funnel include:

1. The Ability to Monitor and Control your Ad Spend

Funnel shows you a cumulative graph that outlines all your spending for the month. This helps you to figure out where your money is going so that you can begin to refine your budget. The more you know about your ad spend, the more you can determine whether you're getting a gradually better ROI over time, or whether you might need to rethink your strategy.

2. Custom Metric Settings

Most businesses have specific metrics that they need to measure to make the most out of their marketing campaigns. To make sure that you're tracking the right things, Funnel allows you to create custom metrics based on the data you pull out of your ad platforms. Your metrics can then be infused into your reporting and analytics strategies, so you can see what's happening in your company more clearly.

3. Easy Google and Cross-Channel Analytics

Want a deeper insight into how your Google Analytics interact with the rest of your marketing strategies? Funnel shows you everything from your Google analytic transactions to your goal completion and your ROI. Additionally, you can implement cross-channel analytics to compare your spend on one campaign with your budget on other strategies. This ensures that every business can understand which solutions are bringing them the most traffic and conversions.

4. Insightful Reporting

Whether you need to give your team more information on what's working for your company, or you want to provide a client with an overview of what you're doing for their marketing campaigns, Funnel can help. With this simple tool, you can create beautiful and informative reports with nothing but a few clicks. You'll also be able to feed your data into other tools like Google Analytics, Google Sheets, and Google Data Studio.

5. Automatic Currency Conversion

The business world is getting bigger and a lot of today's companies are exploring more than one market. Even if you're only selling in two markets, there's a chance that you take in multiple currencies. This can make it harder for you to analyse your ad spend and your results. Fortunately, Funnel can convert all of your spending data into the same currency, so that it's easier to compare your performance.

6. Custom Dashboards

Everyone approaches marketing differently. After all, specific companies have their own ideas of what the most important metrics for success might be. It only makes sense to ensure that every company has access to a dashboard that's bespoke to them. If you want to stay on top of how well your advertising KPIs are doing, then you'll need a dashboard that really speaks to you and your team. Funnel makes it easy to create your own dashboards, and it also ensures that they're always updated with the latest information.

7. Existing Platform Integration

Just because you want to improve your marketing strategy doesn't mean that you want to start again from scratch. Funnel integrates seamlessly with many of the most popular tracking and advertising platforms so that you can continue as usual, just with some extra help. Funnel currently has out of the box integrations with around 393 advertising platforms - so there's a good chance it will work well for you. Additionally, they're willing to build integrations into any platform a customer needs at no further cost.

8. Data Warehouse Connectors and APIs

Finally, if you'd like to transfer all your marketing data into your data house or visualisation system, then Funnel can help with that. The data warehouse connectors and API systems that come packaged with the tool ensure that you can feed all your advertising information easily into any system your company might be using. The set up is incredibly simple, and it doesn't require additional resources.

Need Hosting? Try ours, it's fast, reliable and feature loaded with support you can depend on.

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