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Make Your Own WP Themes with Runway

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Want to stand out on WordPress? Then you can't just have the same theme as everyone else in your industry. The way your website looks and behaves is crucial to developing a strong and memorable reputation for your brand. Whether you're creating your own theme for a business website, or you're a contractor that wants a simpler way to design themes for clients, Runway could be the solution you've been searching for.

Runway advertises itself as the best way to create WordPress themes. With it, you can instantly generate new themes, and drag and drop custom options into the mix according to the needs of your company or your client. You can also tap into the Add-on list offered by Runway for advanced features or check out the "Showcase" section for inspiration. Here are just some of the reasons you should consider Runway.

1. Make Better Themes with Ease

Runway simplifies the process of creating WordPress themes with a selection of great admin tools. You can simply create, edit, or duplicate themes in your portfolio within a matter of seconds. From the child theme generator section in the tool, you can modify descriptions, folders, admins, and menus, and apply the latest features to your creations.

Once you're done building and designing, you can export your standalone themes into a neat package that can be easily sent to clients with your own personal branding. That means that you get the best image for your company.

2. It's Framework Independent

For developers and designers who want to make the most of their skills, Runway is framework independent. This means that you can automatically compile the designs you create into a standalone version that doesn't have to interact with the Runway framework. In other words, you can distribute your themes without the Runway branding tagging alone.

On top of that, you'll still have all the useful tools and support that comes as part of the Runway mix, ensuring that you can create themes with ease.

3. Simple Drag and Drop Control

One of the great things about Runway is that you don't have to be the most advanced designer in the world if you want to use it. The Themes Options builder means that you can drag and drop content around your design depending on what you need. There's no need to hand code various complicated designs. Instead, you can do it all with click and pick controls.

Runway allows you to make unlimited administrator pages for your application or website, organise your theme preferences into tabs and groups, and create custom input types too.

4. Add Powerful Features with Ease

Want more than just the basic WordPress theme? Runway allows you to create everything from simple pages to complicated experiences for your customers. The modular structure of the tool means that you can simply build and create the WP experience your client is looking for. Runway also has multiple add-ons and extensions for bringing extra functionality into the mix.

The Runway Extension acts very similarly to a standard WordPress plugin that attaches to a theme. When you export your finished product, your extensions will become a core part of the feature, so you don't have to worry about helping your client package everything in.

5. Add Custom Branding

When you want to make a name for yourself as a professional designer, developer, or company, the last thing you need is someone else's branding overlaid on all your work. The good news is that Runway gives you the simplicity you need to create incredible WordPress themes, without taking the glory out of your hands.

Runway is a 100% white labelled solution, which means that no-one, but you take credit for your work. Instead of seeing any watermarks on your pages, your customer will simply see the hard work that you did to create their solution for them. You can even add your branding and logo to various parts of the package too.

6. Exceptional Support and Guidance

Finally, great support is an important part of investing in any great tool. The Runway community believes that a great product relies on fantastic support, which is why you'll always have access to a stream of dedicated Runway developers when you need additional help. There are even simple guides published on the Runway website to help you out when you need support making the most out of your new Runway theme. If you're struggling, you can learn with the user guides, check out the forum on Github, or read through hundreds of different posts from other users.

Need Hosting? Try ours, it's fast, reliable and feature loaded with support you can depend on.

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