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Love Prototyping? Then You’ll Love Principle

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If you've got a mind for design and you want the digital resources to go with it, then you might get a kick out of a fantastic prototyping app called Principle. On the surface, Principle is a desktop application that feels very similar to the popular Sketch interface. The fact that it's so like Sketch should mean that it's easier for any designer to navigate and learn. Not only does this system feel smooth, independent, and fast, but you don't have to rely on the internet to use it either.

Principle makes it quick and easy to design interactive and animated user interfaces from scratch. Regardless of whether you're creating your very own animation sand interactions, or you want to design a fantastic multi-screen app, Principle gives you the tools you need to explore your imagination, with animations that look and feel incredible.

The New Yet Familiar App Solution

Principle is the prototyping solution that dreams are made of, with magic animations, artboards, and various other features that help it to feel familiar to Slack. With Principle, you can install your favorite design app onto your platform of choice and import sketches straight to your system. Principle allows you to export and record your designs, so you can compile prototypes and export your ideas as a .MOV or .GIF file.

One particularly exiting feature of Principle, is that you can control the animations inside of your pages, when scrolling up and down - rather than just when you're transitioning from page to page. What's more, in a world that's obsessed with mobile functionality, Principle helps to put mobile experiences first with a preview option. You can launch your prototype on your phone and experience how it looks and feels for yourself.

With a transparent pricing structure and plenty of great features to offer, it seems like Principle really does have it all. On top of the great price, there's also a huge community in place that's constantly ready to answer questions and share their work online. Let's take a look at some of the other exciting features that Principle has to offer.

Prototyping for any Creation You Can Imagine

There are plenty of things that a person in the online world might want to design today. Whether you're creating exciting short animations that help you to develop the user experience for your audience, or you just want a slick interaction for your website, Principle can help with it all. No matter what you're doing, from simple gifs to extensive multiple screen applications, Principle is the easy-to-use app that delivers complete support and functionality. Principle offers support for:

Design for Desktop, Web and Mobile

Another compelling feature of Principle is the fact that you can design your solutions for any platform - all you need to do is choose the strategy that works for you. The Principle app comes with device preset templates available, or you can enter your own size into the Artboard feature, so you can customise your design according to your needs. Mouse wheel scrolling, and hover events make it easier than ever to create prototypes that feel just like the real thing.

Additionally, the system is built for OS X. Principle's app is powered by the hardware-enhanced animation engine "Core Animation" which was used to create OS X and Ios. This means that you're sure to get all the Mac features you love with your new design tool, including a Retina interface, full-screen mode, and auto save.

Share Designs with Ease

Finally, Principle also has its own "Mirror" add on for iOS which allows you to share your prototype designs to other people on their favourite devices. You can interact and collaborate with others instantly by simply plugging your device into a computer. There's also the option to export standalone apps for others to view.

Principle also comes with a record feature which you can use to export animated gifs or videos onto your computer, which can then be shared on Twitter!

Need Hosting? Try ours, it's fast, reliable and feature loaded with support you can depend on.

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