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Introducing Pyro: A Modular CMS Built on Laravel

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Pyro CMS is the software designed specifically for digital content developers, built on top of the world's most popular PHP framework, Laravel. Pyro CMS is a reliable solution for content management, allowing designers to create innovative websites faster, and more efficiently. Not only are pages and apps designed to work more efficiently, but user experience on the Pyro CMS is prioritized from day one so that everything you do feels like you're working with a natural extension of Laravel.

Pyro addresses the needs of designers, developers, managers, and more, by giving you the resources you need to design simpler platforms where you can create according to the latest standards. The system also gives you endless options to continue improving your development strategies time after time. Here, we'll be diving into just some of our favourite aspects of the Pyro CMS experience.

Seamless File and Page Management

One of the most compelling things to note about Pyro is that it makes CMS easy, with a drive-based file management system that integrates seamlessly with Laravel. The unique Pyro files module offers a state-of-the-art interface for developers to use, featuring instant integration with Laravel. This means that you can use the same Laravel filesystem to manage the components within your CMS. You can also store your files anywhere with flexible storage extensions, and automatically optimise image layouts.

The "Pages" module of the system is incredibly easy-to-use too. It ensures that you can manage the different pages within your content system with a few clicks, structuring content how you want it, automating powerful navigation strategies, and accessing templates based on Twig. There's even the option to control response handling and page UI with custom handler solutions.

Complete Control Over Content and Users

The Pyro CMS is completely modular, which means that you have a granular level of control over everything in your content system. For instance, the "Posts" module is a powerful and simple system that allows you to manage your press releases, news, and other content easily. With it, today's developers can select their preferred post types to create content as and how they want it. You can also work on content now and schedule the release for later if you don't want to publish immediately.

Pyro doesn't just give you complete control over your content either - the "Users" Module also makes it incredibly easy to manage your roles, permissions, and users online with a lights-out approach to permissions that makes hiding functionality and features from users without access simple. Painless permissions management means that today's administrators feel completely confident about who gets to use their CMS system.

The Unique Laravel Streams Platform

One particularly interesting thing about Pyro is that it goes beyond the standard CMS functionality. For instance, Pyro has its very own "Streams" Platform, which features an end-to-end suite of services, tooling, and utility features for building powerful and state-of-the-art applications in an instant - all through the Laravel PHP framework.

Steams makes the most of familiar migrations from the Laravel framework to build up your models and database easily using file assignments and well-known field types. Schema solutions can be automated according to your needs based on distinct stream components, and you can generate models that are easily extended and put to work.

Everything in the system makes it easier and more effective to tap into Laravel, with the opportunity to mix and match streams, and support for various deployment environments.

Create the CMS System That Suits You

Finally, Pyro's modular approach to the CMS experience means that it's incredibly easy for users to customise their experience according to their individual needs. For instance, if you decide to invest in a Pro subscription, then you'll receive access to Add-on solutions from GitHub. All of the add-ons that are created by Pyro in the future also come as part of the subscription, so you can rest assured that you'll always be on the cutting edge of new technology.

The rich Pyro community means that the experience is constantly evolving for developers and designers. What's more, because Pyro believes that it's crucial to create win-win relationships with their users, they invest in a simple and transparent approach to pricing. There's a one-size-fits-all simple pricing structure in place, which remains the same regardless of whether you're a commercial or personal user.

For a simple and efficient approach to Modular CMS based on a PHP framework that today's designers and developers love, you can't get much better than Pyro CMS.

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