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Interface Design: 7 Features of Figma You’ll Love

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We've seen a huge revolution in the UI design tool world over the last couple of years. Not only have existing applications like Sketch and Affinity Designer seen some serious upgrades, but new players have also entered the field, like the all-new Figma. Figma is the innovative new interface design tool intended to help creative minds turn their ideas into realities faster than ever. This remarkable application is intuitive, easy to use, and familiar, because it feels very similar to Sketch.

However, although the interface of Figma might be relatively familiar on the surface, it's important to note that this tool comes with a lot of distinctive and unique features that help to differentiate it from its competitors. For instance, Figma works in browser, and it's available for use on any platform. You don't need any applications or installation package to make the most out of it, all you need to do is log in and start bringing your concepts to life. Here, we'll cover just some of the features of Figma that we think you'll love.

1. Simple Solution for Prototyping

Figma is the first and only interface design tool on the web today that's browser-based, which means that it's easier than ever for full teams to collaborate over the creation of innovative software. With a web-based solution, you can continue to use the same tool regardless of whether you're creating your design, prototyping, or communicating with team members.

What's more, it's worth noting that version control is easy with Figma too. You can see who made changes to the system and when and roll back versions within a matter of seconds if you need to. This makes it much easier to keep track of a project's progression.

2. Edit and Transform Ideas Instantly

Designed to support the latest and most intuitive strategies used in the design and interface creation space, Figma is fast, powerful, and packed full of useful editing tools. For instance, you can tap into vector networks that give you new access to drag-and-drop development options or use 60 FPS interactive editing with beautiful previews and simple exports. All that, and you can access everything from your mobile too, so you can make changes to your system on-the-go.

3. Designed for Digital Transformation

Figma is the new and improved way to create user interfaces that are simple, effective, and perfect for agile companies. Because it's designed for digital evolution, it comes with everything you need to design responsive systems that can adapt when screen size changes. You can also use layout grids for greater control over your designs, and access specific components to create a more bespoke experience. All the tools you need for dynamic product creation are in one place.

4. From Design to Development

One of the most appealing aspects of Figma is the fact that it minimizes the friction of turning visual ideas into code that developers can use to make ideas into a reality. The live device preview mirror means that you can see your concept coming to life in real time, and you can also show off your ideas to developers with CSS copied directly from your design file.

5. Made for Stronger Teams

Empowered teams create better designs - it really is that simple. The need to create more collaborative workflow solutions has been something that's held design companies back for a while now, and finally, Figma have introduced the solution. With this application, people from different locations can work on a file simultaneously, and in real-time. All you need is a browser to connect to the work. You can export, inspect, and copy code for iOS, Android, and CSS, and quickly communicate new concepts to groups. All work can be constantly saved too, and granular permissions mean that teams can share what they want with who they want.

6. Amazing Support

Honestly, with a natural and easy-to-use interface that feels a lot like Sketch, you may not need much help to get Figma up and running. All your projects can be transferred from Sketch into Figma without any losses whatsoever, so there's nothing stopping you from making the transfer. However, if you do find any problems, then you can access live support from a team that's ready to respond within a maximum of about 2 to 3 hours.

7. Stronger Communication

Finally, we all know that feedback is key to great design. With Figma, you can consolidate feedback from important members of your team, bringing the conversation to life within your digital design tool and guiding people through the concepts behind your work with the help of "presentation" mode. What's more, you can set up alerts on Slack or email when changes are made too.

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