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How To Easily Reset Your WordPress Website

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Have you ever wanted to just start over, with a completely clean slate? It might be that you want to test a new theme or the compatibility of new plugins. Whatever the reason, this could be the kind of situation where you might want to reset your WordPress database. In this article, we're going to explain how you can easily reset your WordPress database in a few clicks using the Advanced WordPress Reset plugin, a free plugin from WordPress.Org.

Install The Advanced WordPress Reset Plugin

Head to the WordPress plugin repository and download the Advanced WordPress Reset Plugin. Once you've downloaded the plugin, head to Plugins > Add New. Search for “database reset” and look for the Advanced WordPress Reset. Click the Install button and then Activate. 

Resetting Your WordPress Database

Once active, an option called Advanced WP Reset will appear on your right-hand WordPress toolbar under the Tools option. It is from here that you will be able to reset your websiteRemember that this plugin resets your entire website, meaning that all of your users (except for the admin), posts, pages, portfolio and anything else will be deleted for good. This is why we recommend it for when you want a fresh start- like a test environment.

Simply type the word "reset" into the dialogue box presented when you click on the Advanced WP Reset option, confirm by pressing the Reset Database button and that's it! You have successfully reset your entire WordPress website.

Confirming Your Reset

After confirming your reset you should be presented with a message saying it was successful. To double-check that your reset has been carried through, simply head to the Posts section. You should see that your website has gone back to the original WordPress “Hello World!” default post, complete with sample comment. And if you check under Pages, the default WordPress “Sample Page” should be back too.

Your site will have also reverted to the current default WordPress theme. But don’t worry – all of your themes and plugins will still be installed. The Advanced WordPress Reset simply deactivates them.

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