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December 27, 2017

Got Blog Traffic? Here’s What to Do With It

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If you’re lucky enough to have achieved a significant amount of traffic to your blog then you’re probably going to want some pointers as to what exactly to do with it? Sure, some of the tips in the list below will be immediately obvious however some might provide you with some food for thought and possible ideas for monetizing and growing your blog audience which you might not have thought of. So… let’s dive right in and run through some of those key pointers.

Make Sure It’s “Shareable”

If you have a blog that has a significant amount of traffic then the chances are your traffic is as a result of your blog posts or singular page content as opposed to your homepage or brand being the primary traffic generator. If this is the case then you need to make sure that your pages are highly shareable. You can achieve this by making sure you have prominent share buttons before and after your content. Don’t just list your social media accounts, make sure you’re using a service or even a script or plugin to allow your visitors to share your content at the click of a button.

Grow Your Social Following

Building a list of any kind is a great method of customer retention. Being able to take a single visitor to a single piece of content and get that same set of eyes on other content pieces in future is the key to growing any blog, yours included. To grow your following, you need a social presence on all of the major networks including Twitter and Instagram. Don’t just stick with a single network like Facebook. Also, you should make sure that your social profiles are listed prominently in the midst of your primary content, don’t simply bury them in your footer.

Newsletter Sign Ups

Whilst the thought of composing and sending out a newsletter might be a little daunting there is nothing stopping you from beginning building your list, even if you don’t intend to publish anything just yet. Place prominent newsletter sign up boxes around your site or even pop it up on entry/exit and you will for sure generate sign ups and subscriptions. Knowing that you have a few thousand people on tap to blast with new content on offers is a great feeling!

Make Money

If you’ve achieved a certain level of traffic with your website then you have probably already explored the options when it comes to making money from your blog. Typically, you have the option to sell sponsored content, banner slots or go down the route of promoting other peoples offers via affiliate marketing or banner placement via a third party like Media.net or Google AdSense where you’re paid for each click one of the aforementioned banner adverts attracts. These are the typical blog monetization methods you’ll come across but you might also consider the likes of pop ups or unders should you have a lot of traffic which isn’t targeted to a particular niche or sector.

Cross Promote

You could also consider cross promoting other projects you’re working on to your audience. In this day and age it’s unusual for people to only own one blog or website in general. So if you are operating a site which has achieved some success then don’t be afraid to blast your visitors, newsletter subscribers or even your social following with a link to your new project. It’s a great way to bypass the long wait typically associated with kicking off a new project and if your content is good enough the rest should take care of itself.

Additional Advertising Media

We already touched on utilising the likes of pop ups and pop unders as additional income streams above and whilst in some circles they’re frowned upon I do believe that they can be a great source of additional revenue, particularly if you have highly untargeted traffic (which most general blogs do). You could also consider selling promotions via your social media accounts such as sponsored status updates, Instagram posts or tweets. Especially if you’ve significantly grown your following as a result of your blog traffic.

When it comes to monetizing traffic and even turning 1 visitors into 2 (effectively) there is obviously a lot more to it. A lot more detail that will need to be explored but as a general overview the list above should at least give you a starting point.

Getting the initial traffic is by far the hardest thing to do. Your first 100 visitors in a day will be significantly harder to achieve than the next 100 but once you do have a starting point if you follow the tips above your traffic should snowball and your blog will become the media powerhouse it deserves to be.

Need Hosting? Try ours, it's fast, reliable and feature loaded with support you can depend on.
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