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Getting to Know Framework 7

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Framework 8 is an open-source HTML mobile framework designed to help developers create fantastic web and mobile apps with an iOS or Android native feel. The system began with a focus entirely on mobile design, to make sure that anyone can create the ultimate app with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript languages.

Although Framework 7 is all about freedom with its design feature scope, it's only for iOS, and Google Material design, so it's the best app for you if you're thinking of building a hybrid application or a web system that feels as natural as anything on iOS or Android.

Framework 7 Is Easy to Use and Streamlined

In the past, designing the best hybrid mobile app hasn't been a simple process. However, Framework 7 makes it as simple as creating your own website. All you need is a basic HTML layout to get started, and there's no need to create any custom tags to convert. Plain HTML forms the foundation of the experience, and because it's mobile-specific, Framework 7 was carefully designed to simplify the process of implementing UI elements into mobile apps.

In a world where it's becoming increasingly important for people to have a strong mobile presence, Framework 7 comes packed with ready-to-use features for a streamlined and effective user interface. There's also a range of widgets to choose from including layout grids, tabs, media lists, popovers, action sheets and more.

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Incredible Features and Customisation

The rich features on Framework 7 make it a delight to use.

With this tool, creating the perfect mobile app couldn't be simpler, and customisation is easy too, whether you want to add a dynamic navigation bar to your application, or instant messaging facilities. Framework 7 even comes with its own "messages" widget which you can use alongside real-time syncing data. Here are just some of the most compelling features of Framework 7.

1. Swipe Back and Pull to Refresh

If you're looking to give your users a native and organic feeling mobile experience, then you'll love the fact that it comes with the well-known swipe back feature for Ios. From the left of the border screen, users can simply swipe backward to get to the previous page. It's not just a transition from one point to another either; the system follows your finger with parallax animations.

There's also the "pull to refresh" feature on Framework 7 - which is something you're probably already familiar with if you spend a lot of time on your smartphone. The pull to refresh feature is exclusive to the Framework 7 experience - which is ideal for anyone who wants to make their app really stand out.

2. Dynamic Navbar and Native Scrolling

Every element in Framework 7 was designed to give users the natural feeling of a native iOS or Android application. One of the things that makes this feeling so compelling is the presence of the dynamic navigation bar. You can see how elements slide and fade between page transitions when you swipe backwards and forwards.

There's also native scrolling on Framework 7. You can enjoy awesome scrolling solutions to ensure that your users don't have any problems flicking through your content on their phones.

3. It's Library Agnostic

Framework 7 doesn't depend on any single third-party library. Instead, the system is completely lightweight and flexible. Even when it comes to DOM operation and jQuery, you have complete control. Framework 7 comes with its own custom DOM library that takes advantages of some of the most high-performance methods of DOM manipulation.

The great thing about the custom DOM library is that you don't need to learn anything new to use it. The Framework 7 solution uses the same syntax as the standard jQuery library, with plenty of popular methodologies like j-Query similar chaining.

4. Exceptional Animation

Finally, one of the most thrilling aspects of Framework 7 is the way it looks and feels. The people behind this tool know how important it is to give end-users a great experience on their smartphone, which is why they've only used the best high-performance hardware for CSS animations and transitions.

Framework 7 is the only framework capable of offering 1:1 page animation, complete with changing opacity, parallax effects, and shadows when loading new pages.

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