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Getting to Know Django – The Python Framework

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Django is a high-level Python Web framework that's designed to support pragmatic design and fast development. As a system built by experienced developers, Django helps to remove much of the standard headaches associated with web development, so that you can enjoy writing your application and launching it without having to do everything from scratch.

The great thing about Django is that it allows you to take your immersive web applications from concept to launch within a couple of hours. Compared to the other frameworks built on Python, Security, structure, and a great community help to set Django apart as a great option for anyone who wants to start building straight out of the box.

Packed Full of Useful Features

Django's modular components and bundled applications help to save you time when you're getting an app up and running for the first time. The system comes packaged with dozens of extras that you can use to handle basic tasks. Django handles things like user authentication, site maps, content administration, and many more tasks, as standard. Just some of the things included in the Django framework include:

Django Is Easy to Use and Incredibly Secure

Django was designed to help developers complete and roll out their applications as quickly as possible, without having to compromise on performance and usability. Depending on how comfortable you are with the Python frameworks, and whether you've looked into Django before, you can either try a tutorial to get yourself started, or you can start exploring the documentation for more information. There are plenty of ways to learn online.

If Django's website full of documents isn't enough to help you, then you can consider checking out the community too. The Django community is one of the things that sets it apart from the other Python frameworks available today. If ease of use wasn't enough to attract you to Django as a framework, it's also incredibly secure. Django takes security seriously from the ground up, and it's designed to help developers avoid a range of security mistakes, all the way from cross-site scripting, to SQL injections, clickjacking, and more. The user-authentication system on Django also provides a highly secure way to manage user accounts and preserve passwords.

You can read through the security system on the Django website, but features include things like protection against XSS attacks, SQL injections, and CSRF attacks.

Django is Highly Scalable and Versatile

If you need evidence that Django is worth a try, consider the fact that some of the best and busiest websites online are currently using it. The system comes with a range of ways to enhance and scale your website or application according to your individual needs. For instance, bundled add-ons include things like sitemaps, RSS feeds, user authentication options and more. By including these features as standard, Django ensures that web developers spend less time working on standard functionality for their apps.

The versatility and scalability of Django means that companies, governments, and organisations alike have used Django to develop content management systems, scientific platforms, and social networks. The possibilities are practically endless. Just some of the companies using Django today include The Guardian, Washington Post, Eventbrite, and more.

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