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Create a Multilingual WordPress Blog with WPML

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Looking to run an online business without geographical borders?

WMPL is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create your own exceptional multi-language online experience. WPML or "WordPress Multilingual," allows authors to write their WP content in multiple languages, translate content into different languages for visitors from other countries, and manage translations too through a simple user interface.

The great thing about WPML is that it's designed to work for any business - large or small. You don't need any background in programming or technical skills, and you can install WPML in a matter of moments without any additional coding. WPML comes with a complete API ideal for integrating with other translation and coding systems. Here are the features you can expect to see with the WPML plugin.

1. Multiple Languages with One Installation

At its heart, WPML is simply a plugin that makes it easier to run a multilingual website without having to set up various WordPress installations. You can choose which translations you need for your content and start using the plugin immediately without any previous coding knowledge.

WPML comes pre-installed with more than 40 languages to choose from, and you can add your own language variants to the mix too using the simple WPML language editor. You can also arrange different language contents using domains, sub-domains, and separate domains too.

2. Simple Translation Management

Creating your multi-lingual WordPress website is just the first thing that WPML can help you do. After that, you can also help your clients to run their sites more easily too with the same simple plugin. The WPML plugin comes with simple yet effective translation management built in, so you can turn standard WordPress users into translation experts within an instant.

The WPML plugin comes with a new user setting for "translators." Translators can access specific jobs within the Translation manager section of the WordPress administrator section.

3. Restriction-Free eCommerce

If you're hoping to create an eCommerce business that breaks geographical boundaries, then WPML is the WordPress plugin you've been looking for. This tool allows you to easily build and managing multi-lingual eCommerce sites using the WooCommerce Multilingual manager. You will be able to access absolute support for a range of simple and variable products, as well as related products, sales offer and promotions, and anything else you might expect from WooCommerce.

Running an effective multilingual eCommerce website with WPML is easy. The plugin shows you exactly which parts of your text needs to be translated and builds the complete store for you quickly and efficiently. With WPML, you can provide visitors from around the world with a familiar and local purchasing process, regardless of where you might be located. Everything from the product listing to the checkout process is translated to suit your needs.

4. WordPress Theme Support

If you're worried about how the WPML plugin might interact with your existing WordPress theme, then don't panic. The application works seamlessly with most WordPress Themes as standard, and it's available in both Multilingual CMS and Multilingual blog versions to suit the setup that suits you best. You won't need to do anything extra special to set your theme up with WPML, as you can simply use the API functions that are set up with WordPress already, The WPML plugin will handle the rest.

You can even use WPML to translate theme and plugin texts yourself if you want to. This simple tool frees you from dealing with the complications of editing MO and PO files and uploading them to WordPress. You can translate a range of texts and other plugins from the Admin screens in the String Translation Interface.

5. Professional Support and Guidance?

If you need additional assistance to get more out of your translation experience, then WPML can connect you with leading translation services to assist you. You can conveniently send content to be translated from the WPML dashboard, and once the translations are complete, they'll simply be sent back to your website.

The team behind WPML offers support for the application 6 days a week and 19 hours a day in a total of 9 different languages. When you invest in WPML, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that any question you need to ask will be answered as quickly as possible. The development team is also extremely proactive. They're constantly working to make sure that you get the smoothest operation experiences possible for your website. The WPML team cares about the performance of your multi-lingual campaigns.

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