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Control Your Browsing with Ghostery

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Ghostery is a unique browser extension designed for the age of privacy. In a world where customers are sick and tired of seeing ads from companies they're not interested in, Ghostery allows you to customise your online experience by making browsing safer, cleaner, and faster. This application automatically detects thousands of third-party technologies designed to track consumer data and blocks them from accessing your information. In simple terms, Ghostery allows customers to take back control of their data.

This simple browser extension was designed back in 2009, and it's been growing in popularity ever since. With an engaging user interface and a simple selection of features to use, Ghostery allows the average person to protect their privacy and benefit from a broad range of features and settings. The Ghostery system simply helps you to enhance every moment you spend online.

Advanced Anti-Tracking Features

One of the most compelling features of the Ghostery extension is it's enhanced anti-tracking feature. Developed by the parent company behind the brand, Cliqz, the anti-tracking feature offers real-time algorithm-based tracking protection. This system monitors all third-party requests for information hat come in when someone is browsing the internet. However, the unique element of this feature is that instead of simply blocking requests, the algorithm analyses them to check they don't already have any personal data. If something has snagged your data, Ghostery strips it out and then blocks the request.

The anti-tracking system enhances Ghostery's approach to smart blocking by catching everything that might be missed when you're trying to enjoy a safe and simple online experience. Interestingly, Ghostery adds approximately 70 new trackers to their database every 3 months. The people behind these trackers see it as a token of pride when they reach the Ghostery list.

Implementing Smart Blocking Features

Perhaps the driving feature behind Ghostery is it's automatic "smart blocking" feature. This tool makes it easier for users to optimise their browsing experience according to their personal needs. The system automatically blocks any non-secure or slow trackers and allows certain trackers that need to be permitted on websites to ensure the page will work.

The target aim of the Ghostery system is to provide consumers with the education, transparency, and control they need to get the most out of the sites they visit. Ultimately, the underlying technology for Ghostery is very similar to other ad blocking competitors. The main difference is that Ghostery takes a more nuanced approach to blocking ads, with plenty of transparency into what it's doing for customers.

The great thing about Ghostery is that it doesn't block anything automatically, or by default. Instead, the consumer gets the option to choose the kind of tracking technology they want to block.

The Ghostery Business Model

As useful and popular as Ghostery might be in the current digital marketplace, there are still many users who don't fully understand how this business model works. Ghostery works by essentially providing businesses with information about the customers that are blocking them. It doesn't give those companies the personal details that they were trying to protect in the first place, but it does offer information on what kind of customer, and how many people are blocking a certain tracker or website pop-up.

The more people download Ghostery, the more the company can offer useful information to brands who want to know when and why people are blocking their ads. After all, just as businesses today want to know things about the people visiting their websites and clicking on their ads, they also want information about the people who are trying to avoid them too. For customers and businesses alike, the Ghostery business model offers something of a win-win solution.

Upgrades to the Ghostery Extension

As mentioned previously, Ghostery has been around for quite some time now. In fact, it's been on the market for almost a decade. However, that doesn't mean it's not constantly updating and improving. Ghostery 8 is the most recent update to emerge on the market, and it's got some of the most impressive technology that Ghostery has ever introduced so far. The "8" version introduces AI-powered anti-tracking technology that automatically learns from customer behaviours, along with a "Smart Mode."

The smart mode system on Ghostery 8 automatically adjusts settings for you, so you don't have to worry about figuring out what kind of trackers you want to toggle on and off. The simple Ghostery extension solution is an accessible and easy-to-understand option for the digital veteran and new user alike.

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