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November 13, 2017

Choosing a Brand with Domain Name Generators

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Choosing and registering the perfect brand with the ideal domain name is an important decision for any budding company. A great domain can help you to develop an online presence that really captures the hearts and minds of your customer base so that you can create a truly loyal following. Unfortunately, coming up with a fantastic brand and domain name can be one of the most complicated aspects of starting your business.

The key thing to remember is that domain names are a key element in creating an online brand. As one of the first pieces of marketing your target audience will see, the right domain can instill trust and confidence in your customers, while the wrong one can leave you with a seriously damaged reputation.
Here, we’re going to look at just some of the websites and tools that can help you to choose the best brand for your company, as well as some tips you should keep in mind when choosing the right domain for your company.

1. Lean Domain Search

If you have a general idea of what you want your company to be about, and what you want your brand to focus on, but you just don’t have a domain in mind yet, then the Lean Domain Search website could be useful for you. It works by matching a keyword with other associated words to generate a potential list of domain names. You can simply choose the results by length, or look at popularity instead. Alternatively, you can also determine whether you want the results to end or start with a chosen keyword.

Lean Domain Search is best for companies who know exactly what they’re selling, and exactly which search terms are most appealing to their target audience. If you aren’t sure what your customers are searching for online, then you might need to do some keyword research before you start looking for a brand domain name.

2. Wordoid

Another online option to help you choose not just your brand name, but your domain name too, Wordoid is an “intelligent” tool for naming. It works by supplying companies with a random list of words that are made-up, but they sound good and look great too. In other words, if you’re looking for a brand that doesn’t need to make a lot of sense, but has to be particularly brandable, then you are sure to find this tool helpful.

With Wordoid, you can choose to generate a list of words completely at random, or you can enter a keyword that you’re interested in, and the tool will convert the keyword into a random brand for you to build on.

3. Dot-o-Mator

A solution designed more for domain names than branding in general, Dot-o-Mater allows companies to create a range of domain name suggestions based on a broad list of ending and beginning categories. To use the system, all you need to do is type a word or a collection of words on the left-hand side of the page, and then you can choose some beginnings or endings. You click to combine them, and you get a list of available domain names. If you see a name that appeals to you, you can save it before you continue searching.

This is a great way to start building up a word-cloud of potential website names for your company if you’re getting started from scratch, or you need some inspiration.

4. NameStation

The NameStation is an online domain name generating platform that’s designed to create powerful and relevant name ideas for your company. It also provides keyword suggestions, search guidance, and variations on specific names based on your own chosen criteria. All you need to do is enter a main keyword, and then select the category or industry that seems most relevant to your business. From there, NameStation will generate a full list of potential domain names for you.

If you’re genuinely stumped about where to get started on your branding journey, then it’s hard to go wrong with NameStation. With so many different options available to help guide your process, you’ll find plenty of potential naming solutions.

5. Impossibility!

Impossibility! Is a simple domain name generating solution that takes your keyword and combines it with a list of potential adjectives, verbs, and nouns, before returning a list of available domain names for you to choose from. You can decide whether you’d like your keyword to appear at the end or the beginning of your domain name, and their tool will use a range of servers to help you get the best results as quickly as possible.

While many of the options you’ll get from Impossibility! Might not be relevant or appropriate for your business, you’re sure to find at least a few options that give you some inspiration on your branding journey.

Simple Tips for Choosing a Brand

When using the tools above, or simply trying your own brain-storming sessions out, it’s important to keep the following points in mind:

  • Always keep it simple: You should always make your name short and memorable wherever possible. On average, you should choose no more than 9 characters for your domain name, and the brand you choose should be simple and easy to spell too. The last thing you want is for people to be searching for the wrong thing.
  • Avoid problems: If you’re choosing a domain name that you know is similar in nature to one of your competitors, it’s probably a good idea to go back to the drawing board. Avoid any potential trademark infringements, as this can lead to legal issues, and may also mean that you accidentally send people to your competitor, instead of your site.
  • Be creative and unique: Finally, remember that building a brand that allows you to stand out from your competitors can be a difficult task, but it also starts with your domain name, and title. You’ll need to be thoughtful, creative, and unique if you want your customers to remember you.
Need Hosting? Try ours, it's fast, reliable and feature loaded with support you can depend on.
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