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Build a Magneto-Based Shopping App with Mofluid

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The rising popularity of online shopping has created a new era of simplicity and convenience for today's consumers. Not only does online shopping mean that you buy products without having to get dressed or go to the store, but it also ensures that you can compare the prices of those products too so that you're always getting the best deal.

In today's ever-evolving digital world, customers want the latest and greatest solution to help them shop online. While websites equipped with eCommerce facilities were great, to begin with, we now prefer to do most of our purchasing through apps instead. In fact, mobile usage in the "shopping" space has increased by 54%.

The question is, how do today's companies expand the potential of their Magneto platform to embrace new mobile shopping strategies? Mofluid could be the answer. A simple and popular solution for those who want to convert their magneto shop into a mobile app, Mofluid gives companies instant access to the mCommerce space.

1. Ready to Work with Any Platform

Companies everywhere are beginning to give serious thought to what they can do to improve mobility with their online stores. Although the website you built on Magneto might have been flexible enough to start with, Mofluid helps you to take that accessibility a step further with an instant shopping app, ideal for iOS and Android alike.

Mofluid is designed to work perfectly with both platforms so you can reach the widest selection of customers possible. Additionally, you'll even have the option to adjust certain parts of your app to suit the kind of phone you're designing for.

2. A Range of Payment Options

Just as you might expect with Magneto, your payment gateway on your new mobile app will come pre-installed with the gateways provided by Magneto. This means that you can provide your customers with the simplest, and most comfortable solution for making purchases. The Mofluid plugin even integrates your existing shipping methods into your checkout options.

From PayPal to, Mofluid makes selling to your mobile customers as simple as possible, with a buying experience they can trust.

3. Customisation and Themes

One of the things that make Mofluid so attractive is the fact that you can customise it fully to suit the look and feel of your brand. You can add new products and pages to your app, adjust your store to suit your customers, and add your own splash screens, logo and banner too. Mofluid doesn't just make your website and eCommerce store available on mobile - it creates a rich experience for your audience that's specifically designed for mobile.

What's more, everything you update and change online will automatically apply to your mobile app too. That means that you don't have to waste time updating product availability and prices on both platforms.

4. Exceptional Control

For any mCommerce application to be effective, it needs to offer a simple and easy-to-understand experience. Mofluid is designed to give any company, large or small, the chance to embrace the benefits of mobile eCommerce. As such, there are plenty of great options to help you get the most out of this plugin, including control over user accounts. You can optimise user experiences, build relationships with your customers, and more by offering customers the chances to set up their own secure accounts.

Additionally, when it comes to listing your products and services, the Mofluid magneto app has a range of integrated functionalities available to help you keep your listings up to date.

5. Build Your Own App

One particularly exciting thing about the Mofluid Magneto extension is that you don't have to fit into any pre-set guidelines to create the perfect mobile application. While Mofluid does have various great integrations to help you make the most out of the basic Magneto features, if you need something a little more comprehensive, there's an option for you too.

Mofluid is dedicated to helping their clients achieve the best mCommerce experience, which is why they also give users the chance to reach out to them for help creating their own mobile app from scratch, without any of the restrictions imposed by a standard extension.

If you're not sure whether Mofluid is right for you or not, you can even start your journey with a demo, so that you can explore the full potential of a Magneto mobile extension without any extra investment. MoFluid is an innovative and exciting way for today's businesses to accelerate their mobile marketing strategy. Have you tried it yet?

Need Hosting? Try ours, it's fast, reliable and feature loaded with support you can depend on.

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