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Adobe XD: An Alternative Choice for Prototyping

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Adobe XD is often advertised as the ultimate all-in-one tool for today's User Interface developers. If you want to take the journey from wireframes into interactive prototypes that are great for building on better user experience, then you'll love the simplicity and support that Adobe XD has to offer.

Adobe XD gives you the precision, speed, and quality tools you need to share and create interactive prototypes with your team members. It also offers seamless integration with Photoshop, so that you can make the most of all your designs. For many modern developers, Adobe XD makes designing simple and fun. In fact, some reviews suggest that this tool has brought the prototyping process back to life. So why should you consider it for your project?

1. It's Built for UI and UX Design

Adobe XD is specifically designed to simplify the tasks of a UX or UI designer. The common tools you'll use every day like blurs, shadows, alignments, and shapes are already accessible on the page, so you don't have to go looking for them in any panels or menus. Additionally, as mentioned above, there's seamless integration with Photoshop and Illustrator available, so you can simply copy and post your Illustrator and Photoshop CC assets into your Adobe XD system.

2. A Natural and Lightweight Experience

Adobe XD is all about helping you to take the next step from designing your website, into creating an amazing prototype. The first thing you'll see is just how lightweight and simple XD can be. It starts up in a matter of seconds and can handle large files with dozens of artboards without slowing down. As you continue designing, everything will feel smooth and focused, because Adobe XD was built entirely from scratch.

This is a significant difference to Photoshop, which is based on older legacy code and packaged full of dozens of features that might not be relevant to your UX design. For some developers, XD even makes Sketch look sluggish.

3. A Vector-Based Experience

The prototype part of an app or website design allows you to demonstrate how effective your ideas could be. In an era where new smart devices with higher pixel numbers appear on the market constantly, it's important to scale the beauty of your designs up or down easily without disrupting experience.

Adobe XD allows you to design @1x which means that you no longer have to worry about the resolution of the device that your design appears on. Another great thing about the vector framework is that when you zoom into a specific section of a design you can rest assured that everything will look neat and crisp.

4. A Great Repeat-Grid Feature

Sometimes, all you want when you're trying to finish an important client project is something that will help you to speed up the process without compromising on quality. Adobe XD offers that with eh repeat grid features. It's a huge time-saver for developers who are designing screens or pages with repeating objects. You can list objects on a page and manage that list within a matter of moments.

In simple terms, Adobe XD helps to make the prototyping process feel more agile and fun. You can deal with all your needs rapidly without having to worry about time-consuming and repetitive activities.

5. Access Mobile Previews

Although other solutions like Photoshop have their own mobile preview features, they're often very slow and difficult to run. On the other hand, Adobe XD has its own Android and iOS apps which allow you to preview your designs with ease on any mobile device. The preview loads in real time, so you can instantly see the changes you make on mobile without any delay or lag. You can also interact easily with your project in Prototype mode.

6. Collaborate and Share with Ease

Finally, Adobe knows that some of the best projects happen when you get the support of your team behind you. That's why a big part of the XD experience lies in the "prototype mode" features it offers. With this simple tool, you can create an immersive and interactive prototype of the project you design by connecting buttons and links on your website or app to other pages and screens in your project. You can also choose a type of transition and preview the result on your mobile or machine via the app. Sharing your prototype with clients, team members or stakeholders is simple too. Anyone you connect with will be able to post comments to the project or annotate specific screens and pages.

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