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9 Reasons Why We Love the Marvel App

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Want to turn your creative ideas into a reality? Then now might be the perfect time to join the 500,000 other people that have discovered the benefits of the Marvel app. This creative developer application allows today's designers to create their own interactive app prototypes quickly, and easily. Not only is the system free to use, but it's intuitive too, with no coding knowledge necessary.

Within minutes, you can create an app demo and bring your prototypes to life, then share them with your friends and colleagues. As well as allowing you to create screens and ideas within the app itself, Marvel also ensures that you can take pictures of your doodles and link them together into a realistic prototype too.

Here are 10 reasons we love the Marvel app, and why we think you'll love them too!

1. Design and Wireframe with Ease

As mentioned above, you don't have to be a coding expert to start designing with Marvel. This incredibly simple tool allows anyone to start their own design with no clunky interface to get used to, and no unnecessary downloads. You can upload and start working on your prototypes using Sketch, Photoshop, or even a traditional pen and paper. All you need to do after that is load up your pictures into the Marvel app.

2. Sync Automatically

In this fast-paced design world, you don't have time to worry about manually updating and syncing your project prototypes. Marvel solves this problem with Google Drive and Dropbox integrations available as standard. Whenever new changes are made to your design file, your prototype will be automatically updated too.

3. Freedom to be Creative

When inspiration strikes, the creative mind wants to be able to express itself in as many different ways as possible. That's why there are no limitations when you're using the Marvel app. If you want to sketch your designs out before you bring them online, you can do that. All you need to do is snap the pictures of your doodles on your smartphone and upload them with the dedicated Marvel Android or iOS apps.

4. Straight-forward Prototyping

Marvel is quick, simple, and straight to the point, which helps to give flow to your creative processes. With this tool, you can create interactive prototypes for almost any device within a matter of clicks, turning your designs into anything you can think of. Creating a flow in Marvel couldn't be simpler, all you need to do is click and drag to create interactive design hotspots that react naturally whenever they're touched or clicked.

5. Add Transitions and Gestures

Bring your prototypes to life naturally with realistic screen transitions. You can choose exactly how you want your transitions to trigger too, whether you prefer to hover, swipe, or click. The rich gesture solutions available on Marvel ensure that every designer and developer can work together to deliver the best user experiences for their customers or clients.

6. Show Off Your Skills Anywhere

Another great thing about Marvel is that it doesn't just make prototyping your designs easy, it also makes sure that sharing those prototypes is simple too. Whether you're looking for a way to present your prototypes on the desktop, or you want to show them off on the Apple watch, you can test and share your projects in no time with Marvel.

7. Collaborate with Ease

Working with colleagues, clients, stakeholders, and other essential people in your design group couldn't be simpler with a simple collaboration process from Marvel. Users can invite new people in to review and edit their projects when they need a little extra feedback. Additionally, if you work in a department with multiple clients and teams, then you can group users into their own specific segments too.

8. Easy Comments and Annotations

Have some feedback to give another designer, or want your team to leave some important messages for you? All that is easy to do with the comment and annotation features of Marvel. You can add your messages directly to the prototype and annotate any specific areas that you want to highlight. Clients can also leave comments on the prototype without having to sign up to Marvel first.

9. Turn Designs into Specs for Developers

Finally, since Developers and Designers need to work hand in hand, Marvel makes collaboration easy between two of the most critical members of any creative team. With quick and simple "Handoff" users can transform designs into specs for developers to use in an instant.

Need Hosting? Try ours, it's fast, reliable and feature loaded with support you can depend on.

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