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8 Secrets to Gaining Upvotes on Reddit

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Reddit can be a very difficult platform for marketers to make the most of - regardless of how much practice with other social media channels they might have. If you go into this space shouting your opinions as loudly as possible, then you're going to get some pretty bad feedback. However, ignoring the platform altogether is not the right way to go.

Reddit has a huge audience of engaged people who are willing to communicate and even advocate for your brand. Of course, before you can start to earn the attention and loyalty of the right people, you need to build up your reputation on Reddit. The best way to do that is by gaining upvotes for high-quality content. Here, we'll look at just some of the secrets that can help you to gain upvotes on Reddit.

1. Make Sure You Engage Constantly

Like most social media platforms, Reddit can be tough. You can't just jump in and post a link on a subreddit form, then expect the upvotes to roll in. You need to post around your links, start a conversation, and make sure that you're constantly engaging with the right people. This also shows people that you're willing to actually make an effort to build your reputation.

2. Keep Your Posts Varied

You wouldn't post a link to your products ten times in a row on Facebook and expect to get great results - so why would you do the same thing on Reddit? Posting links to your own articles with nothing else on a subreddit is sure to get you shadowbanned. The best thing you can do is avoid making yourself into a spammer by making sure that your posts are varied. Talk about things that are related to your company, or even try sharing content from relevant brands that aren't your own.

3. Show You Can Be Trusted

If you've only just made your own account on Reddit and you immediately start bulk posting promotional material, then you'll be treated with anger and suspicion. Start slow and build up some good karma by responding to relevant topics and giving your opinion on trending stories. As you progress, you can learn from what you've posted. What gets the most upvotes, and what gets the most downvotes? This will help you to adjust your behavior in the future.

4. Add Value Always

When you're posting on Reddit for the sake of getting upvotes and attention, remember to live by the "AVA" strategy. Subreddits are brimming with passionate people who know all about the subject at hand, and you need to make sure that your posts are adding to the conversation that they're already having. If you don't think that what you're saying is delivering value, the don't post anything at all.

5. Know Your Place

Remember that people aren't coming to a subreddit specifically to learn about your company or hear you speak. Instead, they've come to this space because they want to talk about a subject that they care about. If you refuse to listen to the opinions of other people and get involved in the conversation, then your reputation will start to dwindle. On the other hand, if you make sure that you're constantly delivering value, then you'll be sure to continue getting your fair share of upvotes.

6. Remember that You're Talking to Humans

In a world of SEO and other technical language, it's easy for marketers to forget that they're talking to humans sometimes. If you want to get upvotes on Reddit, it's important to remind yourself that you're connecting with other people. With that in mind, avoid talking with too much corporate jargon, and spend plenty of time injecting personality into the things that you say.

7. Be Prepared for Anything

Keep in mind that redditors aren't always as gentle as other social media users. If they think that you're wasting their time, then they're not going to be subtle about it. Be prepared to deal with anger and insults if necessary.

8. Think about Your Timing

Finally, when it comes to earning attention on Reddit, the first thing you need to know that if something isn't going to take off, then it's not going to take off - regardless of what you do. However, it can sometimes help to think about your timing. Posting early in the morning will help you to get some attention from people throughout the day but remember that your post will likely get buried as the morning goes on.

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