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7 Useful Tools To Make Working With WordPress Easier

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These 10 awesome tools are guaranteed to boost productivity and make your WordPress life a lot easier. Below is a mixture of free and premium tools which we believe are invaluable to any WordPress developer or user.

Yoast SEO

What makes Yoast SEO stand out among many other WordPress SEO plugins is, for starters, Yoast SEO helps you to create readable content that is expertly optimized to woo search engines right from within your post editor!

Other features include breadcrumbs, canonical URLs, internal linking suggestions, content insights, a redirect manager and 24/7 support among others. This tool ships in two flavours, a free version and a premium version that goes for £64.

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is a tool that comes with plenty of features that makes annotating, capturing and editing screenshots/local images a walk in the park. There is a one-click upload that makes sharing all your captures a breeze too.

You can grab a whole page, your desktop, a visible part of a browser window, a selection of the page, delay a capture, and edit your captures to your heart’s content. Moreover, they offer a screen recorder that costs £15 a year.

Awesome Screenshot has extensions for Mozilla Firefox and Chrome and a standalone Chrome app that is a miracle to use.


Without the right tool, moving files from your hard disk to a remote server can cause serious headaches. In the FTP category, FileZilla saves the day.

For instance, you can download files/folders from your web server simply by dragging and dropping. Not to mention, FileZilla comes with awesome security settings that offer you secure access to your WordPress site to do as you will.

You can also create files on your server straight from your desktop, change file permissions easily and do so much more. FileZilla is a free opensource FTP client, which sweetens the deal.


As a WordPress user, you will obviously need to create forms at some point. In this regard, you'll notice that the WordPress user registration system is limited in functionality. Which is exactly why you need RegistrationMagic, a user registration and management plugin on steroids.

In a nutshell, RegistrationMagic helps you to “…create customized user registration forms, accept payments, track submissions, manage users, analyze stats, assign user roles & much more!”

Firstly, you can create an unlimited number of user registration forms each with varying fields. This means you can even accept file attachments on your forms among other things.

RegistrationMagic also ships with a front-end user page that lets your users register on your site, log in, download submissions, check transactions and reset passwords among other things.

This plugin shines in user management, what with an intuitive dashboard that helps you to track form submissions, set up payments for paid users, filter forms depending on date/time and so much more.

There’s a free version of RegistrationMagic available on WordPress, but the best of features can be found in the pro version available at

Chrome Developer Tools

Chrome Developer Tools (DevTools) is an important part of the Google Chrome browser that most WordPress beginners don’t know about. Chrome Developer Tools puts a lot of web authoring and debugging power in your hands.

With the DevTools, you can have deep access to the internals of your WordPress site right from within the browser window. Why is having this much access important?

Well, you can edit your site temporarily without actually changing your code, see layout issues, track down problematic code, check your site loading time and play around with JavaScript among other things.

Chrome Developer Tools are built into Google Chrome, which means you get all this awesomeness for free. To access the DevTools, simply right-click on any page element and select Inspect Element. 

Google Keyword Planner

Content marketing and SEO go hand in hand as far generating targeted traffic goes. To win as far as content marketing and SEO go, you'll require astute keyword knowledge and research. How else will you tell what topics interest your readers? Google's Keyword Planner is perfect for this. 

Your readers use keywords to find topics and products. If you can find these keywords, you’re halfway through the door. If you’ve read this far, you’ll be glad to learn that finding keywords is as easy as working the Google Keyword Planner. It’s a free tool by Google that allows you to generate keyword ideas around your main topic.

Pretty Links

Instead of using a long, untidy link such as, you can use the Pretty Links plugin to create a user-friendlier link such as This second link is much more presentable and easier to spread.

Pretty Links helps you to shorten links using your own domain instead of relying on a third-party link shortening service such as or You can then redirect any link you create to any other URL of your choice.

Additionally, Pretty Links comes with a link tracking engine that shows you the number of clicks your links get, where the clicks came from, host, browser and operating system.

This tool is brilliant for WordPress users looking to track links in emails, clean up affiliate links and share links on social media, comments and forums.

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