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7 Reasons Why Choosing a Magneto Optimised Host Can be Beneficial

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Magneto is the preferred hosting option for many entrepreneurs who are planning on running large eCommerce stores and shopping portals around the world today. Highly recommended for its range of fantastic customisation options and exceptional extras, Magneto is ideal for those who are interested in selling services and products online.

Since it was initially released in 2008, Magneto has grown rapidly in popularity, proving itself to be a fantastic platform, where organisations can quickly accomplish all their commerce needs online. Although you can host a Magneto store in almost any environment available today, it's worth noting that some people will prefer to choose as host specifically optimised to the Magneto framework.

If you're planning on launching your website with Magneto, here are just some of the reasons why you might get a better experience by choosing a magneto-optimised host.

1. Better All-Around Performance

Many of the online entrepreneurs using Magneto today swear by its ability to deliver better performance for website users and customers alike. When your hosting is specifically optimised to run a Magneto website, you may find that your customers get a more consistent and reliable experience overall, regardless of whether they're visiting from, what kind of device they're using, or even the browser they choose.

Today, few things will have more of an impact on your sales potential and profits than the performance of an eCommerce website. That's why it makes sense to choose a host that's been specially optimised to your needs.

2. Greater Flexibility

Because a Magneto-optimised hosting provider creates their offering with the needs of a Magneto customer in mind, it makes sense that you may be able to tap into additional solutions that are ideal for your unique RAM, CPU, software, and disk requirements. With other host solutions, you may be limited to the operating environments that are designed to work with any website. Though this should be enough to keep things running smoothly, it's nice to have some extra flexibility.

3. Improved SEO

Many of the latest updates to Google's search engine algorithms dictate that site speed is crucial for a good ranking. If your website can't run fast enough, then you won't achieve the position you need on the search engine result pages. At the same time, you may also lose the trust of your target customers. An optimised hosting solution through Magneto could help to ensure that you keep your loading times quick, and your customers happy.

4. Management Solutions for Multiple Stores

Before Magneto was first introduced, along with specialised Magneto hosting environments, managing various stores from different administrative panels was an exhausting and inconvenient process. Now, every magneto store can be set up with a unique product catalogue, and all with plenty of reliability thanks to optimised hosting. It's therefore much easier for many eCommerce entrepreneurs to run a successful business online 24/7.

5. A More Competitive Edge

In today's highly-saturated business environment, one of the easiest ways you can make sure that you capture the attention of your target audience is by putting their experience and satisfaction first. Although you can do this in many ways online, one of the first steps that most companies take is to choose a host that's specifically designed to deliver the best experience based on the eCommerce store in question. With an optimised host, you make sure you're giving your client the ultimate browsing experience, which should help to keep you on their good books.

6. Scalability

Because Magneto optimised hosting providers know exactly what to expect from their customers, they're often more available to offer scaling solutions that are designed specifically for your needs. They have packages in place that not only support the up and coming entrepreneur, but also the ever-changing requirements that might evolve as your company continues to grow. Choosing an optimised Magneto host could mean that you're free to make necessary changes to your company as and when they suit you.

7. Specialist Support

Finally, the provider who gives you an optimised Magneto package should also be able to offer the specialist support you need to overcome any technical issues in the future. Support assistance is crucial for an eCommerce company to have long-term peace of mind. Remember, this unique solution also generally requires a few more specific skills than other CMS environments like WordPress. With that in mind, a lot of online professionals prefer to stick with optimised hosting to boost their chances of digital success.

Need Hosting? Try ours, it's fast, reliable and feature loaded with support you can depend on.

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