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7 Live Chat Apps You Might Not Have Heard Of

These days, customers don't want to have to call a company or wait to hear back from them over email when they have a problem with a product or service. In an age where customer experience is the most important differentiator for any company, live chat software is one of the easiest ways that you can design a better service solution for your consumers.

With live chat apps, you can help your customers faster, increase potential sales, and even improve brand loyalty. However, it's worth noting that the kind of software you choose to run your live chat strategy can make or break your campaign. Here are just 7 of the live chat app options you may not have heard of.

1. Olark

If you're looking for a simple, but effective live chat solution, Olark is one of the highest-rated options on the web thanks to its wide range of deep customisation solutions. You can adjust almost any part of the chat experience so that it fits with your business and branding, and there's even the option to change the chat box so that it matches your brand colors.

Olark integrates naturally with your website, or you can use the API system to connect it to your mobile app. Olark also integrates with popular business tools and CRMs, so you can use it to access important data as you talk to your clients.

2. Reve Chat

Reve Chat is a popular multi-channel chat software that's hosted on the cloud. It works by integrating naturally into your website and giving you a way to deliver live assistance to your customers almost anywhere that they might want to interact with you.

The great thing about Reve chat is that it connects with other communication channels that you might use to drive sales and conversions. For instance, you can instantly engage with your customers using Reve chat on Facebook messenger, or through a mobile app platform. There are also advanced features like screen sharing.

3. HappyFox Chat

If you're using live chat to give your customers a more comprehensive customer service experience, then you can't go wrong with a tool like HappyFox. The HappyFox chat application allows you to hold conversations with multiple people at once, thanks to a simple interface that focuses on your active chats.

If you're concerned about customising your communication experience, HappyFox Chat integrates with more than 100 apps so that you can pull support tickets from everything from your CRM to your help desk tools.

4. LiveAgent

LiveAgent is one of the most reviewed and most popular live chat solutions available for smaller companies. However, just because SMBs love it, doesn't mean that you can't appreciate LiveAgent as a bigger enterprise. Businesses like BMW, Huawei, and Orange all use LiveAgent to support their customer satisfaction strategies.

LiveAgent comes with a fourteen-day free trial to get you started, so you can see if your team feels comfortable using it before you invest. There are also more than 170 support features to choose from, including phone support and integrations with social media.

5. LiveChat

LiveChat is a convenient customer service application that comes equipped with push notifications to make sure that agents never accidentally lose track of a customer conversation. If you accidentally close down a chat before your user is finished talking, the system will bring the chat back up as soon as your client sends a message.

Additionally, LiveChat also shows you what your customers are typing before they press send, so you can start researching in advance.

6. Zendesk Chat

Zendesk is a productivity and office enhancement product that comes with a live chat application built-in. Devoted to helping companies create better relationships with their customers, Zendesk is all about flexibility and reliability. You can easily connect with your customers through a quick and sustainable real-time chat app, and access all your help desk information at the same time.

Countless larger companies including Disney, Airbnb, and Groupon already use Zendesk chat as part of their customer support system.

7. Paldesk

Finally, Paldesk is a fantastic live-chat and helpdesk software similar to Zendesk that allows companies to create their customer service strategies through a range of channels. With this application, you can not only communicate with your consumers through real-time chat, you also get an option to speak to them via email, Facebook and more, within the same single-pane-of-glass UI.

Paldesk is built in with a customer ticketing and helpdesk software, so it's easier to combine your entire service strategy.

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