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5 Great Affiliate Networks for Pop Under Traffic

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Every webmaster should wish to maximise his or her earnings and pop under ads are a great way to do that without detracting from your primary content, annoying your visitor or even taking the visitors attention away from your regular, often higher paying advertisements.

So today we’re going to run through 5 networks which pride themselves on their pop under advertising service. You won’t find options for this with traditional paid click networks like Google AdSense or and you’ll seldom find the option across the traditional affiliate networks either. So if you do want to try and make some money with pop under traffic you’ll probably need an additional network such as those mentioned below.


Clicksor are my favourite network at the moment when it comes to pop under advertising. They have been in the business for the best part of 12 years and claim to show 3,000,000 adverts per hour across all of their publishers and ad-type inventory. They also serve 196 countries so if you’re operating out of a country which is difficult to get approved with traditional ad networks such as AdSense it can be a great revenue generator.

Clicksor pay out on a CPV basis which means you’re paid a small amount each time the advert is loaded. The current payout is $0.0025 per view which might seem small but if you have a website with thousands of visitors per day it can all add up into a tidy sum. A tidy sum on top of what you’re earning already.


PopAds are a network solely dedicated to pop under advertisements. They don’t offer traditional ad formats like Clicksor and whilst this is restrictive if you want to use a network for more than pop under advertising it can work in your favour if all you’re interested in is making money from pop unders.

PopAds is unique in that it will not pay out a fixed price per click or even fixed price per view. It is you who defines the price and their advertisers can then choose whether or not to trial you as a traffic source. PopAds is also extremely popular as due to its infrastructure is doesn’t have or need you to have a certain amount of traffic before getting approved. So pretty much anyone can apply from any country. You can also request your earnings as and when you wish – no NET30 or NET60 nonsense which is ideal for small publishers.

Propeller Ads

If you would like to try something a little bit different than the standard untargeted pop under ad you can try onclick pop unders via PropellerAds. As the name suggests, these are pop unders which are activated when your website visitor clicks something be it a call to action button or link.

Given the nature of this ad and the fact it’s not a free for all, the payouts are significantly higher than you’d get with a traditional CPV or CPM model and the advertisements rendered, typically lead gen forms are designed to convert a lot better than a traditional advert. There are no real entry requirements in order to get started with PropellerAds and given it’s click based you can use their service (and convert) on mobile devices as well as desktop.


Whilst ExoClick do offer a multitude of ad formats from traditional banner ads to video banners right through to new techniques such as instant message type and sticky banners, they also offer a fantastic pop under advertisement service. The adverts work in a similar way to Propeller in that they’re click actioned but you do maintain a certain degree of control.

What makes ExoClick special is its technology and infrastructure both from a publisher and advertiser perspective. It even features technology that can circumvent ad blockers and such meaning you can truly maximise your advertisement performance and revenue.


Ad-Maven brands itself as the leading pop under advertising network – a bold claim but one which is most definitely backed up by its tools, features, payouts and significant market share. As a result of this, the best advertisers tend to flock to them meaning if your site is approved, the chance of you showing higher paying advertisements is much greater than it is on some of the other networks.

Ad-Maven also boasts some fantastic analytical tools both from an advertiser and publisher perspective which means you can fine tune your campaigns from any stand point in order to get the most out of it.


Whilst pop under adverts in terms of click price tend to pay less than traditional ads they can still be a great source of revenue. Providing you have the traffic of course. Click price in general tends to be lower as the ads seldom target the content specific to your page, so conversions for the advertiser are massively lower in general. This is ultimately reflected in the price paid per click.

But with that said, pop under ads are very much considered to be an additional advertising or revenue stream and seldom detract from your key ad blocks or earning potential. But as I say you will need to have a significant amount of traffic should you wish to take advantage. But more money is more money at the end of the day.

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