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February 2, 2018

5 Fast Loading WordPress Themes To Improve Your Site Speed In 2018

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It’s not surprising that your website audience will really appreciate you if you can provide them with the information they are looking for in a faster and smarter way. It is crucial that your website meets the expectations of your visitors.

Choosing a well-optimised WordPress theme can help bring in more visitors. Having a fast and responsive website will help your audience get solutions and answer their queries quickly. Even a second of slowness can make you lose potential visitors and buyers. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the quickest, best-optimised themes available to download for WordPress


The Schema is a rapid WordPress theme that deserves a spot on this list. It is fully optimized for high-speed loading, a review system, SEO, and much more.

It is one of the most recommended and downloaded WordPress themes as it possesses a lightweight, optimal, incredibly fast design for aspiring websites.

The clean hand-written code, Rich Snippet functionality, and structural configuration make this theme Google Algorithm Friendly in nature.


Admania is one of the fastest WordPress themes and one that holds a high position in our list. It is the best for bloggers and affiliate marketing devotees as it is highly optimized for advertisement engagement.

Its inclusion of 5+ Layouts, Woocommerce, Schema Markup, and Speed Boosters keeps this WordPress theme a favourite. The Front-end Ad Live Editor is another impressive feature with which you can set up Ad’s easily without any hassle.


The WOWmall WordPress theme is a fast, budget, Woocommerce theme capable of loading the Shop section incredibly fast. It’s also optimized for mobile devices ensuring your site looks flawless on all device sizes.

The Page Builder, Drag & Drop customization, Responsive Retina Ready Icons, and Woocommerce integration makes WOWmall a brilliant WordPress theme with lots of customization.


The Fevr WordPress theme is a versatile theme that can suit a wide variety of websites. It is highly responsive and comes integrated with Woocommerce, BBpress, Multi-Lingual options, Responsive Typography, and more.

It is a hyper-speed WordPress theme that especially supports Blogging, E-Commerce, Magazine, and Portfolio websites. It is also considered one of the fastest WordPress themes for SEO as it is compiled of clean code and designed well to work within Googles Guidelines.


The Goodlife is a fast responsive WordPress theme, and a Woocommerce supported SEO optimized theme. It is well coded, and the loading speed of the site is highly optimised.

The Structured Data Markup module helps the site feature on the search engine, showing the results in a pretty impressive way. The 8+ beautiful swift readymade layouts are also very smooth and blazing fast.

Using Wordpress? Get our lightening fast Wordpress Optimised Hosting.
Get Wordpress Hosting

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