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13 Awesome Benefits of Using WordPress

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Since its inception, WordPress has strived to become the most feature-packed Content Management System (CMS) for websites. In the early days, it probably wasn’t the best tool for web development, but, over the years it has evolved into the most popular option. Over 20% of sites are on WordPress, and there are over 80 million sites using WordPress Technology. Those are impressive numbers.

What initially started out as a platform geared to blogging has gradually morphed into a revolutionary, feature-rich Content Management System, with the framework to support high-end websites! There are literally hundreds of reasons why WordPress should be your choice of CMS. In this article we are going to outline our top 13 benefits of WordPress. Let’s start!

A Thriving Community

So, why is WordPress the best Content Management System out there? This is the million, or perhaps billion dollar question. If you could bottle the WordPress formula it would set you on the path to achieving Internet domination. There is no doubt that the success has been in no small part down to timing.

As Victor Hugo said “Nothing, not all the armies in the World, can stop an idea whose time has come.”

WordPress produced a good product, at the right time, and has been fueled by a passionate army of designers and developers ever since. The momentum has built over the years, and created a vibrant, dynamic website sub industry. WordPress is more than a content management system. It is a marketplace of its own.

Once you understand how WordPress works, you will have the power to do absolutely anything with your websites, without spending extortionate amounts outsourcing tasks.

The WordPress development community is highly established, meaning there are resources and developers everywhere, offering great value. If there isn’t a plugin to do what you want to do, or a template that matches the layout you want, there is an affordable developer waiting to create your vision.

Cost-Effective in Many Ways

Money matters!

Why should you pay a designer or developer to make basic text changes on your site?

With WordPress, you can easily set up your website, add and edit themes, add new pages, and make edits with ease. You can uploaded photos, add call to action buttons, add interactive banners, add videos and even add plugins to create high level features and interactive functionality.

You may be put off the online world because of the expense involved with hiring a designer or developer. Even your designers and developers are using WordPress much of the time. The purpose of WordPress is to make it easier to set up and manage websites. That means less expense in design, development, updates and everything else.

Oh yes, and did we mention that WordPress is an Open Source technology, so you don’t have to buy it?

The only main cost to WordPress is the website hosting needed to put your WordPress system online.

Easily Accessible; From Anywhere

One of the best things about WordPress is that you can access it from anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection and browser. You don’t need any special program, such as an FTP Client, or Dreamweaver to manage or upload files, all the magic happens from your native browser. You just sign in and make changes through your WordPress dashboard.

Fast publishing, Edits and Indexing

WordPress is fast; very fast! When it comes to publishing edits or new content WordPress is hard to beat. You can preview the items, hit publish and they will go live right there and then.

WordPress websites are also indexed quickly by search engines, especially Google. In some cases your website changes are indexed in a matter of days.

Plugins Make the Impossible Possible!

There was a time when people used to think that developing a custom website was far more flexible than using WordPress. Why? Designers and developers thought that WordPress was a bit restrictive.

Perhaps that used to be the case years back, but not in 2016! There are now thousands and thousands of plugins and add-ons, designed not by WordPress, but by the community of developers.

You want to optimize your website? There’s a plugin for that.

You want to integrate Google Adsense? There’s a plugin for that.

You want to create an online course? There’s a plugin for that.

In fact there are dozens of plugins for just about any conceivable functionality you could want. And, if there isn’t a plugin, there is a thriving community of developers ready to develop what you need.

WordPress is an open source platform allowing developers all around the world to create plugins and add them to the library. Some are free, some are paid, and many use the Freemium model, so you can try them out for size.

Consistent Design with Themes

Did you know that when you deploy a design theme in WordPress you can make the whole site follow same design and structure? Yep. That’s how appearance and themes work in WordPress.

You can purchase a pre-designed theme, have one custom designed for yourself, or use WordPress’ free themes to do the job.

You don’t have to pay your designer or developer for every page they create. Once you have the initial designs saved in WordPress as themes, you can follow the same format for as many pages you want. It reduces your costs and guarantees consistency.

Design Flexibility with PHP

When we say design consistency, a lot of people think of it as a restriction. They believe that WordPress restricts their website design. That is not quite right! In fact, WordPress provides you with plenty of flexibility to have a different layouts, elements and menus and functionality deployed for different posts, pages, categories and for your blog.

The platform is built with PHP, CSS and MySql. This language and database combination enables you to do just about anything that you want.

Mobile Responsiveness

A big benefit of using WordPress is that the themes in the market today come mobile ready.

With over 50% of website views coming on mobile devices in many sectors, a non-responsive website is a bad website. Search engines, most importantly Google, take mobile optimization very seriously. It is becoming an increasingly important factor in the search ranking algorithms; whether you get found in the search engines or now.

If you theme isn’t already responsive you can use plugins that convert your website’s appearance, or edit your CSS files to ensure your website is ready for smartphones and tablets.

Time Management and Scheduling

Another great feature of WordPress is that it allows you to schedule posts to go live later. If you want to publish one post a week, or one a month, you don’t have to manually publish them on the chosen schedule. Instead, you can add all the content and set publish dates.

This content automation makes it easy to manage multiple blogs, and keeps your content flowing even when you are “out of office”.

Easy to Integrate Blog

Back in 2009, Google revealed the importance of having a blog on your website. Blogs come with a plethora of benefits, such as giving you the opportunity to add unlimited content to your website, increase engagement with your customers, ensure timely updates regarding service policy, introduce new products, and attract visitors for specific keywords and themes!

With WordPress, adding a blog to your website takes just a few clicks. There are thousands of pre-designed blog themes in WordPress, and most main themes come with a blog design integrated.

All you have to do is add your blog to the menu and start publishing your content as posts. The content is published in archive style, making it easier for search engines and readers to connect with the older content on your blogs. You can also use Permalinks settings to make the URLS search engine friendly. WordPress is firmly established as the best blogging software. So, it definitely wins in this area.

Engagement and Social Media

In today’s online dominated environment, engagement with social media channels is one of the key aspects of making your business successful. Whether you want good rankings on search engines or to connect with an existing customer base, social media is important.

Google and other search engines take into account social media signals being sent to your website in their ranking algorithms. Social media thus acts as a trust signal for search rankings. Simply put, no social signals means Google may look at your site with skepticism.

With WordPress you have a plethora of plugins and tools at your disposal to increase social engagement. Posts can automatically be added to social channels, your site can be equipped with social buttons to facilitate sharing, liking, pinning and connecting. WordPress makes engagement easier.

Multimedia Support

Multimedia is the lifeblood of many websites today. While text content is still king, search engines today see multimedia as sign of a more immersive, engaging website experience. Indeed, in some industries users expect video content and will leave a site if it’s not present. There has been a seismic shift in website user behaviours and expectations with the improvements that we have seen in fibre broadband and 4G connectivity.

Multimedia covers videos, images, forms, RSS feeds, social media feeds, and a lot more. In fact, the most recent HTML 5 version supports flash and java animations to a significant extent.

The traditional approach of keeping your website lightweight to please search engines must, nowadays and in the future, be balanced against the significant user experience and search engine benefits of having great images and multimedia content on your site.

A higher conversion website rate, and lower bounce rates are green signal to search engines that encourage them to rank your website more favourably.

With WordPress, you can add videos, blogs, campaigns, Java and Flash animations, call to action buttons and animations, sliders and banners, and a lot more. There is absolutely nothing that you cannot do when it comes to multimedia. You can even integrate social media functionality into your website allowing your users to create accounts and profiles, send and receive messages, and so on. In other words, WordPress gives you the opportunity to make your website interactive.

Loved by Search Engines

Google is, to a certain extent, a black box. No-one knows exactly how they see WordPress. The general consensus based on all the evidence is that Google is a big fan of WordPress.

Here are some reasons why.

Final Thoughts...

WordPress is a one-stop-shop for all your website design and development needs. Through WordPress, small business owners, design agencies, webmasters, marketers and entrepreneurs are empowered by a platform and community that offers everything they could need to produce ust about any time of website that they desire. Everyone knows that WordPress is the ultimate go-to CMS today. Why invest anywhere else?

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