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10 Reasons We Love the Plesk Control Panel

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Plesk is one of the world's most popular WebOps hosting platforms, ideal for automating, running, and growing applications. As the only OS-agnostic platform, Plesk runs on more than 380,000 servers around the world, automating more than 19 million mailboxes and 11 million websites. As a system available across 140 countries, 50% of the top service providers across the globe turn to Plesk for help with their customer support systems. This well-structured service has improved the lives of countless small businesses and system admins since the start of the 200s and continues to add supportive features across a range of cloud services.

Here, we'll take a look at just 10 of the reasons why we love the Plesk control panel.

1. Intuitive Website Builder

Creating the perfect website shouldn't have to be tough, and with Plesk, it isn't. This unique control panel allows today's developers to design and implement highly-responsive websites that work on any device. You can build your site with online stores that offer secure checkout features and product listing functions and add a blog so that you can share your thought-leadership every day. The system is so easy to use, that it's great for beginners with very little website-building knowledge.

2. Strong Server and Site Security

Today, security is at the top of every developer's mind. After all, we all need to do our part to protect against the rising threat of hacking. Fortunately, Plesk offers a broad level of security that stretches all the way across the operating system, into the applications and network, and beyond. Security is built into the core of the Plesk hosting panel, which makes it the perfect way to ensure peace of mind with your web development project.

3. Central Control Panel

Adding to the simplicity mentioned in point one, Plesk comes with a single pane of glass control panel which makes it easier for developers to manage multiple websites at once. This is perfect for agencies or companies with an expansive online presence. With the single dashboard, you can build your websites, monitor performance, run updates and more from a single location.

4. Applications

If you want to design a state-of-the-art application for your customers, then Plesk can help with that too. It's not just a control site for website building, it also offers a range of unique features that can help you design any online presence you like. For instance, you can add a wide variety of third-party applications to your build from the Plesk catalogue.

5. Extension Catalogue

Speaking of solutions that add further value to the Plesk experience, the company also recently developed its own extension catalogue, where you can go to tap into various powerful extensions. The selection of extensions available include GitHub, Docker, WordPress toolkits, and NGINX. All you need to do is click on the extension tab and browse through your options.

6. Highly Compatible

When it comes to choosing an online control panel, most developers keep ease of use at the top of their agenda. Plesk is the one and only hosting and WebOps platform certified to run on all container and virtualization platforms, as well as large cloud hosting platforms like Azure, Google Cloud, AWS, and many more.

7. Plenty of Control and Flexibility

Flexibility is another critical element to consider when building your online experience. Plesk helps you to make the most of every project with full access to the root of your project via SSH. This means that you can install any open source, third-party or custom application you might need to enhance your business.

8. Automatic Backups

Many developers spend their days worrying about what would happen if they happened to lose all of their work to a sudden error or outage. Plesk has a solution to that problem in the form of their recently-added "Backup" service. With backup, you can create incremental and full backups for your website, complete with the ability to roll back changes on your database quickly and efficiently.

9. Self-Repair Tools

In today's fast-paced world, developers don't have time to troubleshoot complex problems. Plesk comes with automated recovery and healing functionality so that the system automatically identifies and begins to repair technical issues without any support.

10. Constant Growth

Plesk connects with a developer market always looking for new ways to create efficient, secure, and fast infrastructures. With its open architecture, Plesk allows customers and partners alike to customise their Plesk experience with plenty of additional extensions and applications. What's more, the experience constantly evolves thanks to the help of innovative developers. Available in 32 languages, Plesk could be the ultimate online control panel.

Need Hosting? Try ours, it's fast, reliable and feature loaded with support you can depend on.

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