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September 8, 2017

10 Popular Magento Extensions You Can’t Live Without

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Known across the world as one of the most popular eCommerce solutions around, Magento is the perfect way to start selling your wares online. However, just like many of the other content management systems available on the market today, your Magento experience can be customised and enhanced to suit your specific needs with the help of a few simple extensions.

There are literally thousands of extensions to choose from today if you want to take your Magento journey to the next level, and the ones that you choose will depend on your own personal business goals, and the things you hope to achieve with your website. Here, we’re going to outline just ten of the most popular solutions currently used by eCommerce experts around the world, for everything from order management, to conversion rate optimisation.

1. One Page Checkout

As consumers continue to demand faster, simpler checkout solutions, it’s important to make sure that you don’t scare your clients off at the checkout counter. One Page Checkout is an extension that quickly converts any multi-step purchasing process into a single page, which makes the checkout experience simpler for your customers.

Because your checkout process is faster and easier, you should be able to increase your number of completed orders. Plus, the extension is incredibly simple to install on your website, with compatibility for Sage Pay, PayPal, and more.

2. WordPress Integration

Want your WordPress and Magento sites to work together perfectly? No problem. With the WordPress integration extension, you can integrate your blog with your store in no time. You won’t need any core file modification to get started, and you can even use the same Magento theme on your WordPress blog so your users can enjoy a more consistent brand experience.

You don’t have to change your URLs for integration either, so you can continue to enjoy the same level of SEO you got before you linked the aspects of your website together.

3. Sweet Tooth

Everyone loves a chance to earn something for free. If you’re trying to improve your engagement with customers, or encourage word of mouth marketing, then you’re going to need a loyalty program, and that’s where Sweet Tooth comes in. With Sweet Tooth, you can customise a loyalty program to suit your needs, helping you to retain your existing customers, and gain new ones at the same time.

Because the people behind the Sweet Tooth extension or loyalty experts, they know everything there is to know about improving your eCommerce sales traffic and enhancing your conversions, so check out the blog when you have a chance.

4. Brightpearl

We all know that managing inventory on an eCommerce store can feel like a nightmare, particularly when you have a number of different channels to deal with. Fortunately, Brightpearl can make your life a little easier, by saving time, and simplifying your ordering process so that you can focus on the other elements of running your business. You can either choose between using a free trial, or you can start your own paid plan if you prefer.

5. YotPo

As word of mouth marketing and influence becomes more important in improving conversion rates for any business, it’s important to make sure you have a strategy in place that encourages your customers to leave as many positive product reviews as possible. YotPo is an extension that helps you to do just that, then helps you to present your reviews in a way that’s more aesthetically appealing too.

By increasing your review numbers with YotPo you can improve your brand authenticity and increase your chances of earning customer trust too!

6. Zopim Live Chat

As businesses continue to upgrade their customer service solutions with new technology, live chat is becoming a more popular solution for many brands. If you can interact with your customers more freely online, then you should be able to improve your relationships with your clients, and improve your chances of repeat custom.

With the Zopim Live Chat extension, you can respond to any concerns that your customers might have about your service and product immediately, so they’re less likely to walk away from a purchase. Plus, you can even check out some analytical reports too, to help you figure out where you can improve your lead conversion rates.

7. DotMailer

Email marketing might not seem like the most exciting way to capture the attention of your audience members these days. However, research continues to show that email remains to be one of the most powerful ways that you can nurture your leads into customers. DotMailer is a user-friendly solution for business emailing that syncs with visitor data including wish lists, order data, browsing behaviour and more.

If you’re looking to give your users a more customised experience, DotMailer also has options for that too, with solutions for giving product recommendations based on previous customer behaviour.

8. Pixlee

Since user-generated content is becoming an increasingly powerful way to improve your presence online, Pixlee could be the perfect way to improve your customer review collections with the ability to add on videos and photos to customer messages.
Pixlee will give you the unique opportunity to show off shoppable galleries and visual reviews when it comes to gaining the trust of new customers. At the same time, it all comes with analytics solutions that allow you to discover crucial information about your shoppers.

9. Bronto

As we mentioned above, email remains to be one of the most appealing channels for conversion when it comes to making your eCommerce efforts work. However, you’re going to need an exceptional strategy if you want your email content to work. Bronto is an extension that allows Magento customers to drive additional sales with automated lifecycle campaigns.

The Bronto extension imports all of the data you need to know about customer purchasing history and product details into your system, so you can create more powerful consumer segments. This will allow you to develop personalised emails that push your customers to continue buying.

10. XML Map Creator

Finally, this free extension allows Magento eCommerce site users to create multiple XML maps for their websites. If you haven’t heard of XML sitemaps before, they’re the submission areas where you submit created pages. In other words, they’re how you put your Magento site together. The more effective you are at creating XML maps, the easier it is for search engines to crawl through your website and see your site in depth.
With the XML Map creator, you can improve your traffic to your website, enhance the number of pages indexed by the search engines, and increase your chances of natural leads.

Using Magento? Get our lightening fast Magento Optimised Hosting.
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