Talha Khalid

Node.js Authentication – A Complete Guide with Passport and JWT

by | Tutorials | 30th September, 2021

Truth be told, it’s difficult for a web application that doesn’t have some kind of identification, even if you don’t see it as a security measure in and of itself. The Internet is a kind of lawless land, and even on free services like Google’s, authentication ensures that abuses will...

Node.js and MongoDB: How to Connect MongoDB With Node

by | Tutorials | 27th September, 2021

MongoDB is a document-oriented NoSQL database, which was born in 2007 in California as a service to be used within a larger project, but which soon became an independent and open-source product. It stores documents in JSON, a format based on JavaScript and simpler than XML, but still with good...

Using MySQL with Node.js: A Complete Tutorial

by | Tutorials | 7th September, 2021

Although data persistence is almost always a fundamental element of applications, Node.js has no native integration with databases. Everything is delegated to third-party libraries to be included manually, in addition to the standard APIs. Although MongoDB and other non-relational databases are the most common choice with Node because if you...

Node.Js Vs Django: Which Is the Best for Your Project

by | Tutorials | 31st August, 2021

Django and NodeJs are two powerful technologies for web development, both have great functionality, versatile applications, and a great user interface. Both are open source and can be used for free. But which one fits your project best? NodeJs is based on JavaScript, while Django is written in Python. These...

Nodejs Vs PHP: Which Works Best?

by | Tutorials | 30th August, 2021

Before getting into the “battle” between Node.js and PHP we need to understand why the issue is still ongoing. It all started with the increased demand for smartphone applications, their success forcing developers to adapt to new back-end technologies that could handle a multitude of simultaneous requests. JavaScript has always...

Node.Js Vs Python: Which One Should You Pick for Your Next Web Application

by | Tutorials | 24th August, 2021

When starting a new project such as a web application, several options come to our mind: Python, Node.js, PHP, Java, Ruby, and Go. And if they don’t, this is the right time to learn. Each of these languages has series of characteristics and uses that make it distinct from the...