Nick Webb

Change PHP Version

by | Hosting | 18th October, 2018

With all shared and reseller hosting you can change your PHP version on the fly, for either the whole account or individual domains/subdomains. We offer all major versions of PHP from 5.2 through to the very latest (currently 7.2). To change the PHP version in use for your domain(s) you...

Post Migration Help

by | Site Migration | 9th March, 2017

If you’ve received an email to inform you your account has been migrated to a new server but are having issues with your website/email etc then this guide is for you. Website is working but email is not The first thing to check is your email settings within your mail...

Free Hosting For Portsmouth & Southsea Independents

by | HostPresto News | 14th May, 2015

Myself (Nick) and Elliot, the two directors of Enix Ltd who own and operate HostPresto!, have been Portsmouth residents since 2001 when we came to university. After graduating we both stayed and got our first jobs, got married, had kids (including our non physical baby Enix), all in Portsmouth; if...