Nick Griffin

How to Setup and Manage Magento Categories and Products

by | Tutorials | 27th November, 2015

With Magento you can organise your e-commerce website into categories. Think of these categories like departments in a catalog. Each department will then contain products. It’s good to have a clear image in your mind how you’ll structure your website in order to optimise the full customer flow from the...

How to Setup and Configure Magento

by | Tutorials | 6th November, 2015

This guide explains where the basic Magento configuration settings are in the admin panel back-end. The majority of Magento configuration options are one time changes that you’ll need to set in place following the initial installation. Other options add value so you can learn where they are for future reference....

How to Install Magento on cPanel (and a quick intro)

by | Tutorials | 30th October, 2015

This guide explains how you can install Magento via cPanel. The process includes 4 main steps and has many screenshots along the way to help explain what needs doing. Summary about Magento Magento is arguably the best off the shelf e-commerce platform that could prove to be an online catalyst...