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A linux alternative: Windows web hosting

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In simplest of terms, Windows web hosting uses a Windows supported environment for hosting the websites. It is also the most in demand and popular web hosting at present.

The reasons for the popularity of Windows web hosting are many. But, the most important of those is the stability Windows hosting environment offers to its clients. What every website owners want from a web hosting plan is 99.9% uptime. A well configured Windows hosting plan usually provides that without fail. Microsoft understands its popularity in the web hosting domain and hence they backs up their customers with topnotch security and customer support around the world.

Another aspect that attracts lots of customers towards Windows web hosting is the business plans it offers to small businesses. Microsoft realizes that there is a limit to the business they could gather from big businesses, and hence have its business model configured to include smaller business as well. Further, Windows web hosting has all the tools and security needed for most businesses and ordinary customers. In short, people want impeccable service and Microsoft through its Windows web hosting provides that.

Other aspects that wins brownie points to Windows web hosting is its popularity amongst the public and technical domain in general, and its exclusive support to some softwares that most open source environment does not provide. People tend to trust the Microsoft tag across the globe, and this trustworthiness brings businesses towards Windows web hosting plans automatically, without any sort of hard selling or marketing initiatives. Regarding the latter point, only Microsoft supports ASP and ASP.NET. In other words, if somebody has a website that is built with Microsoft .NET technologies, he may have to go for Windows web hosting plans for no open source hosting plans provide support for ASP and ASP.NET. The same is also the case with Microsoft Access and FrontPage.

After reading this much, does it appear that Windows web hosting is without any drawbacks? Not at all! Windows web hosting plans have a couple of glaring negatives when compared with open source web hosting plans. For example, as it is observed widely, Windows web hosting plans take relatively longer to fix patches and security flaws if any occurred. The time period to fix the issues is drastically coming down of late, but still it is an area of concern, a bloat in the otherwise impeccable service record of Windows web hosting plans in general. The other aspect is the cost factor; Windows web hosting plans are a bit more expensive than most open source web hosting plans.

To sum it up, despite the few drawbacks, Windows web hosting plans continue to attract customers in bulk, thanks to the huge popularity that Microsoft enjoys among people and the robust technical and customer support they offer. Clients always look for reliability and 100% uptime, and Windows hosting plans provide just that all the time with minimal slip. Above all, Microsoft constantly updates their services to keep abreast with the latest technological developments so that the clients are delivered the best of services day-in and day-out. In short, Windows hosting plans give the clients exactly what they want.

Need Hosting? Try ours, it's fast, reliable and feature loaded with support you can depend on.

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