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WHM Hosting

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If you need a web interface that allows you to control and also monitor your server then you should consider WebHosting Manager (or more commonly know as WHM) which makes the administration of your server as simple as making a few clicks of your mouse button. There is plenty to recommend WHM as it lets you track your customers and it also lets you make special hosting plans for those domain owners whom you are hosting, which makes it a very flexible form of hosting.

To begin with, WHM requires complex installation though there are comprehensive installers available for this purpose that will take out most of the tedium associated with installing the software package. It does however require that you have a basic server install of supported operating systems. Another important point worth noting with regard to installing WHM is that the install must only take place on a blank server that has a fresh operating system install. Thus, makes sure that there is no data present on the server when installing WHM.

Next, you need some way of controlling the main setup of your server and for this you can use Server Configuration which allows you to include nameservers, change password and also enable as well as disable services and also resellers. You will also need to learn to manage standard as well as reseller accounts and know how to spot trouble when it concerns your server and also discover the various tools as well as add-ons that will prove useful in managing the server and differentiate your hosting from any other providers.

Among the many WHM tools available is the Setup Remote Access Key that is useful when it comes to handling automatic account creation scripts, and even for billing software (external) as well as different applications that require calling up WHM in order to create, modify and even remove accounts.

Another feature of WHM is the Service Status that shows you the services that are currently running on the server and also other things such as server load, swap usage, memory usage and even hard drive space used. If you want to know which services are running there will be a green circle besides the running services, while a red circle denotes a failed service. You can also use Server Information to find information regarding hardware as well as software configuration on the server and it includes things such as processor type as well as speed and information regarding memory as well as much more.

You can also use List Accounts to view all accounts present on your server and there is detailed information available including IP number, account domain name, partition location and more. With WHM you can also quickly create a new account and all that you will need is to fill in some fields that will specify the details of the new account.

With Skeleton Directory you can place files in this skeleton directory that will then be automatically copied into the new account. On the other hand, if you wish to terminate an account, you can use Terminate Account though this should be a last resort because you may actually only require suspending the account till whatever problem it had associated with it can be resolved. You can also modify accounts and also upgrade or downgrade accounts and there is even information available regarding the bandwidth usage. There are a host of other features that make WHM such a powerful and useful software package.

Need Hosting? Try ours, it's fast, reliable and feature loaded with support you can depend on.

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