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Web hosting comes in many shapes and sizes!

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Web hosting is a form of internet hosting service. Hosting enables individuals and businesses to make their websites accessible to others on the World Wide Web. Web Hosts are the people that offer space on their servers for the individual's and businesses sites, and also have provisions for internet connectivity. There are several types of web hosting available depending on it will be used.

Shared Hosting - also referred to as a derive host or virtual hosting service. Normally, there are numerous websites that reside on one server with this type of hosting. Sites reside on particular partitions, places, or sections so that they are hosted separately from other websites. Generally speaking, shared hosting is considered to be the most economical way of hosting one's website.

This also requires that the web host provide system administration services since so many sites are on this type of server. This is beneficial to the person who doesn't want to deal with these sorts of things. However, but for the web site owner who wants more control over their site, this is not a good option to choose if you are looking for a web hosting service to enlist your site with.

Reseller Hosting - this particular type of hosting allows the people who are paying for the space on the host's server to engage in the act of web hosting themselves. They are able to function under a number of different types of hosting depending on their provider affiliation. The size of reseller hosting accounts varies a great deal, and they may have what is referred to as a virtual dedicated server which is linked to a collocated server.

Basically, the person using this type of hosting can allow space in their allocated bandwidth (on the server they are using) to host other sites on behalf of a third party. The reseller obtains services from the host at a wholesale price, and then sells the space for a profit, hence the description of "reseller".

VPS Hosting - VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and is sometimes referred to as Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS). This basically involves a process wherein a server is partition or "divided" into multiple servers. Each has the appearance of being a separate, free-standing entity, when in reality it is part of a larger system. However, the VPS individual servers run their own Operating System (OS), and can be individually rebooted.

Dedicated Hosting - considered the most desirable hosting method as the person has the server all to themselves and has total control. Control is in the form of what is referred to as root access for Linux or administrative access with a Windows OS. The user doesn't own the server though, even though they have all the amenities of server ownership with this type of hosting.

Dedicated hosting can be in the form of Self-managed or unmanaged hosting. These are usually the least expensive forms of hosting services. The user has full administrative access with these types of hosting.

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