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TextWrangler by Bare Bones Software

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Described as a powerfully useful tool and a good 'citizen' for Mac OS, TextWrangler is a general purpose and programming text editor, manipulator and transformer that is valuable as a Unix/ Server administrator tool.

Developed in best bare Bones Software tradition, the software offers ease of use, high performance and a rich set of features. Designed as a powerful tool for the composition, modification and transformation of test stored within plain text files, TextWrangler features a broad set of text editing/ manipulating, programming and other useful features.

Examples of TextWrangler Benefits

Useful in every aspect, there are some situations in which TextWrangler is of outstanding value. Take for instance, an occasion when a name list containing names in last name-first name order into a list with names in first name-last name order. Before, it was necessary to go through each row, change the order of names and remove commas - a somewhat tedious, time-consuming task by anyone's standards. TextWrangler makes it possible to change the whole list with a single search and replace action.

Another fine example is having to change the area code for a specific city within a long list of names, addresses and phone numbers. With most editing tools, each occurrence of the city has to be located and altered individually. TextWrangler can replace all lines containing the city's name simultaneously.

Occasionally, word processing files are corrupted and can no longer be read with the responsible programme. TextWrangler makes it possible for such files - in a variety of formats - to be read and repaired easily.

Company mergers are fairly common place today. More often than not, such mergers mean thousands of documents have to be accessed to change the company name from 'Original Ltd' to 'NewInternationalCorp'. The multi-file search/ replace function of TextWrangler makes easy work of this.

Unix configuration file changes on Mac (or any other server, for that matter) can also be made easier and quicker using TextWrangler.

Users may not need this type of outstanding text editing power on a daily basis, but when they do, this software can perform tasks that would otherwise take hours or even days in just a few seconds or minutes at most.

Overall, TextWrangler offers users tools they never dreamed of to do things that used to require doing by hand. Once users discover just what this software can do, they will use it to simplify even jobs they never considered as difficult before.

Need Hosting? Try ours, it's fast, reliable and feature loaded with support you can depend on.

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