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Pubble, a Tool Adding Real-Time Q&A Sections to Websites

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An interesting new free tool that may well revolutionise FAQ sections on Websites around the world recently emerged. Going by the rather 'Flintstone'-like name of Pubble, this tool offers a simple way of adding real-time areas for questions and answers onto Websites.

A great idea for teachers needing to have real-time two-way communication with their class; admissions offices and generally anyone who has a Website and/ or blog, Pubble is definitely worth considering when setting up a questions-area or forum. Judging by the description on the official Website, (...yes, that really is just .co), the tool is pretty easy to set up.

The Basic Concept of Pubble

Essentially a platform for community engagement - bringing a touch of social media to your Website - Pubble is basically a question and answer layer that will sit at the top of every one of your blogs, pages, Facebook pages, mobile apps, and so on in order to make it possible for visitors to ask their questions and quickly find answers. As the thread of questions and answers grows, the data set expands and surfaces across your network and delivers instant answers to your visitor's frequently asked questions.

In essence, Pubble rethinks and reshapes how tomorrow's knowledge bases and FAQ sections are constructed. Let's face it; today's FAQ pages are rather like trying to write a blog on a static HTML page. Nobody would seriously consider doing this, so why should it be done for FAQ sections?

Who should use Pubble?

Anyone who interacts with other users via the Internet - from businesses to educational institutions, charities and generally anyone who may be answering questions by e-mail or via a static FAQ section should consider giving Pubble a go.

Why should you use Pubble?

The Internet is focusing more and more on people and how their experience of the Web can be made more user-friendly, interactive and generally more informative and pleasant. By using Pubble to create an actively engaged community on your site, you are placing your visitors at the centre of your online presence.

What's more, Pubble not only enables users to ask/ answer questions, it also allows comments, testimonials, updates, images, videos and more to be shared quickly and easily across all Pubble-enabled pages within your network. You could hardly find a more rounded tool to keep your visitors informed, up-dated and generally as happy as the proverbial fleas.

Need Hosting? Try ours, it's fast, reliable and feature loaded with support you can depend on.

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