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PHP Hosting

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All our hosting packages support php web pages and the current version of php in use is php5

The package that allows users to create their own youtube clone websites is now available. ffmpeg hosting comes from for as little as £9.99 a year, ffmpeg-php is also supported

PHP is a widely used, open source, general-purpose, reflective script programming language used in web development, for making dynamic web pages. It is used mostly in server-side application software. PHP scripts can also be embedded into HTML codes.

Many programmers like web hosting with php support because of the versatility that php offers. Php web hosting tends to be cheaper and more widely available than other types of web hosting and generally php web hosting is cheaper.

PHP was masterminded in 1994 by the Danish-Canadian computer whiz Rasmus Lerdorf, his primary aim was to give a decent look to his resume and to collect certain info such as traffic to his webpage etc. Two Israeli programmers, Andi Gutmans and Zeev Suraski, build on this and released PHP3 with its own Form Interpreter FI2 in 1997, after a tentative beta testing. The Zend engine followed in 1999 and in May 2000, PHP4 powered by Zend Engine 1.0 first hit the markets. PHP5 came in 2004, with a new Zend Engine II, the new version having additional features such as PHP Data Objects and better performance enhancers in tune with the new engine.

All our servers at can be used for php web hosting, if you have anymore questions about php web hosting please don't hesitate to contact us. Application

As well as offering linux hosting for php we shall soon be offering windows web hosting so that users can use the asp, scripting languages

PHP - as mentioned earlier - runs mostly in the server side, the web server taking PHP code as input and deliver the webpage as output. It uses a framework, similar to the architecture employed by ASP.NET, Cold Fusion, and JSP, called the Zend Framework - a set of PHP building blocks and associated best practices. Symfony and CakePHP are other frameworks used by PHP, currently in vogue.

To use php with your web hosting the server must be running in an unix environment. You will not find php web hosting running on windows platforms that commonly, this is because asp is more efficient under a windows environment.

As of now, PHP is available tailor made for different operating systems and is widely installed in web servers around the world. Statistics show that nearly 18 million web domains in the world are hosted in servers with PHP installed in it. Syntax

In PHP are called delimiters, and the code included within it is only parsed. Those pieces of text outside it are left out from parsing and are sent directly to be displayed in the output. For example, Welcome to PHP will appear as Welcome to PHP in the output.

Again, in PHP, the variables are mentioned in the code by prefixing it with a $ symbol. There is no need to specify type of variables. Instead, they are evaluated according to certain set rules in the string context. Further, PHP mandates statements be terminated using semicolon, and new lines are considered white space by the interpreter.

Finally, the most powerful of the aspects of PHP is its object oriented functionality, which was first introduced in PHP3. By PHP5, it was further enhanced with more features and better flexibility and robustness. Now with PHP5, one could dabble with protected and private variables, abstract classes and methods, declaration of constructors, and destructors and exception handling.

Php is considered to be one of the easiest languages to learn for beginners, this makes it very popular for web hosting. Php web hosting companies are very common these days. also provide php web hosting.

ail Piece: PHP has a development manual in place, maintained exclusively by the open source community. Further, there are a lot of chat groups, news groups, and forums formed by PHP users and developers, where they constantly interact and discuss newer developments, issues, and offer assistance to each other. It is where new ideas are born and the first beta testing of newer implementations is done. For a new PHP programmer, every sort of assistance or help could be obtained by signing into any of such communities or chat groups.

Need Hosting? Try ours, it's fast, reliable and feature loaded with support you can depend on.

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