ManagedCloud Servers

High performance handled and monitored by us 24/7/365. A complete solution to provide you with our in house expertise 24/7 tailored to your specific needs. We'll setup a bespoke server for your site using the latest technologies so you can get the most out of your hardware and get your website loading quickly and reliably. Find out more..

cPanelCloud Servers

Recommended - High performance cloud servers with no technical knowledge required. If you're hosting multiple websites already and you're looking to consolidate, or if you're looking to isolate yourself from the shared hosting environment but you don't have the time or knoweldge to manage a server, then the Managed cPanel Servers are for you. Find out more..

UnmanagedCloud Servers

Our unmanaged range gives you complete control at rock bottom prices and our cloud platform boasts super fast multipath 40Gb/s network, the latest Intel Xeon V3 CPUs and enterprise grade redundant SSDs. If you're a sysadmin look no further, we offer some of the best specification to price ratio servers available. Find out more..


Selling on EBay for Beginners

28th December, 2013 by in Articles

There are many ways to earn a nice income on internet. Some people prefer to make money by using their own site while others make money by being a freelancer. Some people prefer Amazon to earn a handsome income while others use eBay. EBay actually is not a bad option...

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Advancement of Green Web Hosting

22nd December, 2013 by in Articles

There has been a rise in popularity of green web hosting in recent times mainly due to concerns with nature. Several web hosting and other agencies have taken action and played their part by reducing energy consumption and recycling. Web hosting companies have taken active steps by introducing green web...

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About USB Technology

19th December, 2013 by in Articles

Introduction USB stands for Universal Serial Bus and the latest version is USB 3.0 from Intel. USB is a kind of storage device which can be easily carried around, due to its small size and handy design. It is also referred to as pen drive, thumb drive or key drive....

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Role of Internet in Improving Your Business

13th December, 2013 by in Articles

Advancements in the field of internet and computers in general have virtually ensured that there is at least a single computer in every household around the world. As a matter of fact most households have more than one computer in the form of netbooks, laptops and pcs. This has also...

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Tips for Ecommerce Web Hosting

10th December, 2013 by in Articles

About E-commerce Web Hosting It is common knowledge that a website can be built by anyone without any need of in depth technical knowledge. However, the first task to be completed before you may launch your ecommerce website is finding the right ecommerce web hosting provider. E-commerce hosting is a...

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Internet and Personal Privacy

7th December, 2013 by in Articles

It is reality that computers and internet has affected our lives radically. Thus the access to our personal information presents serious privacy issues. The rise of social media has made the matters worse and it looks as if the problem is not getting solved sometime soon. Social media companies obviously...

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3 Best Internet Businesses

4th December, 2013 by in Articles

3 Best Internet Businesses It is common knowledge that if you wish to start an online business which is rewarding, you will need precise information and solid knowledge for getting started properly. Otherwise you are bound to run into a lot of trouble and heartache. For saving you all the...

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Types of Web Hosting

1st November, 2013 by in Articles

Web hosting is the method in which surfers of the web can successfully browse the Internet. Its main purpose is practicality, wherein a person without website familiarity can create a significant site that could pass as a site made by a knowledgeable professional. Given that there are a lot of...

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Guest Blogging Essentials – Make an Impact Online

29th October, 2013 by in Articles

Visitor writing a blog is a procedure of writing weblog content which are released on a third-party weblog with the objective of gaining visitors and interest to a personal or business web page. Preferably, you want to be posting to weblogs that are relatively designed and quite popular in the...

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