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Mysql Web Hosting

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For those who are new to the terms MySQL and SQL, the former is a vendor for the SQL system, and the latter stands for 'Structured Query Language'. There are other vendors as well such as Oracle and MS Windows, but MySQL is the only popular open source database server commonly used by businesses and web hosting companies. It is usually used in conjunction with the popular scripting language PHP to create dynamic, robust, and powerful server applications, especially for online businesses having lots of client interaction. In that sense, PHP is a default addition to any MySQL web hosting plan.

Why not have a read of our buliding dynamic websites guide, for a basic guide on using MySQL and PHP to build dynamic websites.

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Web hosting companies may offer different MySQL packages - for different price tags - but it is up to the customer to pick the one that suits his/her business perfectly. In other words, the sophistication required weighs much on the scope and purpose of the website concerned. For example, if yours is a fledgling company with not so many customers at present, a couple of MySQL databases might serve the purpose. But, for large online business or those which are undertaking a huge expansion, they might need large database space as well as sometimes dedicated servers to host their applications/websites. In such cases, the customer might have to go for a more expensive hosting package, as the dedicated server itself will cost a lot when compared with a shared server. But, then the extra bandwidth it provides ensures that the pages will load fast on netizens browsers.

The other advantages of a dedicated server for MySQL web hosting - even though expensive - is that the owner of the server has complete control over its operations. It would be easy for the system administrator as well as he/she has to handle the up time of only one application, and not an assortment of hosted programs as in a shared server. In that way, the chances of crash is minimized considerably in a dedicated server.

Genuine hosting companies offer reasonable and reliable web hosting plans, and also freebies to beat the competition, so that the customers, by applying some choosy logic, could zero in on a plan that suits their business requirements/budget. It is all about getting the choice right!

Need Hosting? Try ours, it's fast, reliable and feature loaded with support you can depend on. From £1.60 / month.

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