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High performance handled and monitored by us 24/7/365. A complete solution to provide you with our in house expertise 24/7 tailored to your specific needs. We'll setup a bespoke server for your site using the latest technologies so you can get the most out of your hardware and get your website loading quickly and reliably. Find out more..

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Recommended - High performance cloud servers with no technical knowledge required. If you're hosting multiple websites already and you're looking to consolidate, or if you're looking to isolate yourself from the shared hosting environment but you don't have the time or knoweldge to manage a server, then the Managed cPanel Servers are for you. Find out more..

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Our unmanaged range gives you complete control at rock bottom prices and our cloud platform boasts super fast multipath 40Gb/s network, the latest Intel Xeon V3 CPUs and enterprise grade redundant SSDs. If you're a sysadmin look no further, we offer some of the best specification to price ratio servers available. Find out more..

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What makes Solid State Drives superior to normal hard disks?

If you've heard all the hype about Solid State Drives and are wondering what they are and why the market has gone berserk over them, it is because the market has a legitimate reason to, and here's why. SSDs can essentially be considered a memory stick, like maybe a very large storage USB, but they aren't like HDDs or your normal hard disks. Unlike an HDD which uses a rotating movement to read and write data, an SSD stores the information of different microchips purposely making it substantially faster.

An SSD trumps a HDD any day because of several reasons. Let's start with the speed. An SSD uses the NAND based flash memory and does not need to mechanically move to store data, making it a substantially faster processor than an HDD meaning that installing it in your computer will improve daily performance substantially. The boot up time for an SSD to activate windows 7 is about 20 seconds as compared to an HDD which takes about 40 seconds.

An SSD will draw less power than an HDD will, usually an SSD uses 2-3 watts on an average as compared to a HDD which uses up 6-7 watts, and you know what that means? It means an SSD will save you about 30 minutes of battery time on your device. Moreover an SSD doesn't make any sounds unlike the spinning and clicking you hear on an HDD and it doesn't heat up that much because it draws lesser power and there are no moving parts. So, with an SSD you are less likely to want to buy a cooling pad as when you own an HDD device. Copying files is a dream when you own an SSD- you can copy up to 200MB/s as compared to an HDD's 50MB/s.

There are a billion more reasons apart from the slightly hefty price that will make you want to buy an SSD over an HDD, so look it up.

Need Web Hosting? Try ours, it's fast, reliable and feature loaded with support you can depend on. From £1.60 / month.

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