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Internet and Personal Privacy

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It is reality that computers and internet has affected our lives radically. Thus the access to our personal

information presents serious privacy issues. The rise of social media has made the matters worse and it looks as if the problem is not getting solved sometime soon. Social media companies obviously have their work cut out to keep their promises to their customers and they haven't been up to the mark so far. Both Facebook and Path have been responsible for privacy mishaps and have been charged with millions of dollars. Here are some of the major privacy concerns:

  1. Social Media Accounts Merging

Social media sites are becoming increasingly adaptable. Various websites are becoming more interconnected than ever before. LinkedIn to Twitter, Facebook to LinkedIn and many small sites are jumping on board trying to get a piece of the big pie. The popular media websites are inevitably going to win with smaller firms bought or acquired for their innovative features and cutting edge plug-ins. But similar to growing companies there are some growing problems while absorbing the new features and functions. Some companies may overlook the privacy considerations while adapting and this may cause problems for users. Therefore while selecting a new online site, familiarize yourselves with the possible risks while linking the accounts. You need to avoid your personal data falling in wrong hands.

  1. Single Access Sign Ins

Simplicity is bliss as most of the sites are finding out especially while logging in. Several social media sites have adapted single access sign in page but even in this case you might be sharing your data with another party. Almost all social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are there to make money. Easy linking of the accounts across various sites gives them an easy way of accessing and sharing your information. At the moment it is not possible for you to stop a company from getting your private info but this could become bad in future.

Universal Online Privacy Legislation

It is a fact that the personal info you share with different sites is not entirely safe. Popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter hold an abundance of info about their users. It is clear from recent developments that privacy leaks from theses social media giants is not avoidable. A universal privacy legislation is required for the safety of the customers. Otherwise the users will be at the mercy of the social media giants.

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