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What to look for in a web developer / designer

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When you want to build your website so that you can conduct businesses, and perhaps even build a moderately comfortable financial future, one thing that you must decide is you will be building the site yourself or are you planning to hire someone to do it. Hired Help

Hiring someone to build your website will work if your knowledge in terms of proper computer language are limited or outdated. You need to look in the person that will be able to provide you with a new website in which to conduct your business transactions: Animosity Curiosity Resourcefulness Foresight

These characteristics are only a few of them that you should consider and look for in a person that will help you achieve your goal of having your website store fully developed. Naturally, other characteristics will be desirable such as that the person that you will hire speaks your same language.

Using people of foreign countries that speak your language as a second tongue might not be as good as a native since they might not be fluent in English, making communication harder and more difficult. Communicate with the potential candidate through messenger can be beneficial, still, try to make your requests in writing and keep a copy of the emails, so that you will have backup for future references or clarifications.

In addition, it will be wise and recommended for you to have at least one website to use as a guiding model, naturally and of course you will not want the exact same type of website but it will work to have references. For example, to have one website in which you like the colour palette used, in another you likes the typography and so on.

When you approach your website builder and decide to hire him or her it is the moment to ask. If you want to add sparkle or perhaps an interactive model to your website upon hiring it is the time to ask and review if the person that you are considering can handle your requests.

If you have doubts and still do not want to discard this person as a potential website builder, ask him or her to create a sketch of what he or she understand your vision is. Consider that this potential website builder might have told you that some things are not plausible and, as a result, they cannot be done.

In such cases, do not expect the sketch to have all the things that were a "no-no"; even though you might have asked that he or she took a shot at it. Once the sketch is done, look around and try its features.

Do not look at only from the business owner perspective, but also as a potential client and, if you can, ask a friend or two to provide their inputs on the matter as well. Ask your friends to be as hard as possible with the concept and to criticize anything that they did not like, yet, always ask them for reasons, it is not sufficient to simply say "it bites" and not explain why.

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