14th November, 2012 | Articles |

Help Center Live

If you are running an online business and need some tools with which to better serve your customers and also the many visitors that come to your online web site, then Help Center Live should do the job for you. The best part about this product is of course the fact that it is absolutely free to use, and all that the company that provides you with this immensely helpful tool requires from users is that they give them their feedback as well as comments.

There is little to argue with the claim that Help Center Live is among the best online Live Help systems and it is being constantly improved with the help of the Help Center Live community which is also dictating the direction in which future Help Center Live versions will move in. Also, there are many expansions that you can avail of with regard to using Help Center Live including trouble tickets and knowledgebase systems as well as CRM and a lot more.

Since Help Center Live is modular by nature, developers are able to focus on certain aspects and build modules which can then work as plug-ins or small pieces of code that help perform special functions. You can also use the "themes" feature of Help Center Live in order to make your online application look and feel just the way that you want it, and you would do well to use Smarty that is a much used theming engine.

One of the better aspects to using Help Center Live and also becoming a part of the Help Center Live community is that there is a constant improvement being made to the product that is an open source and so anyone can use it. What's more, this is an extremely fast application which will put other options to shade, and it also has all, and even more features that other competing software have, which makes it a good choice indeed.