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Great New Design/ Development Tools

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June has been a grand month for new tools. Some of the latest development/ design tools and libraries to hit the scene during last month certainly tie up some of the 'loose ends' needing attention on the Web. Here are some of the best of them.

Portkit - Say goodbye to cross-platform continuity worries, because this little gem offers users working on mobile apps side-by-side comparisons of just about every UI element under the sun for iOS6, iOS7 and Android platforms. What's more it comes at everybody's favourite price: it's free.

picnicc - Bodies of code sometimes reach proportions where users do not always need all of their CSS rules or functions. Wouldn't it be great to have the freedom of implementing a customised, 'bootstrap-like' download for such codes? Well, this is exactly what picnicc offers. Users need just two files, one of which should be JSON format. The other is a form for collecting options. Users do need to go through the code and break it up using picnicc tags, such as, for instance, /{picnic: module-0}/, to show the app how to chop the code up, but once this is done, it's all go. A minification option, Boolean operators and the requirement for projects using picnicc to be open source, combined with the fact that it is free, make this little treasure simply irresistible.

Simple Statistics - Users who love wrangling numbers will adore this free marvel. It allows users to analyse data and verify claims; propound theories and more. Functions include the obvious mean and sum, as well as sample variance, regressions, deviations and correlations. Input generally consists of an array of single or multiple dimensions with either call-backs or returned values. Rendering statistics understandable is made easy by this great app.

abie.js - Seems like everyone is on the bandwagon of encouraging users to use the latest browser versions. This app allows users to reward users for being up-to-date. Expected forward-thinking-levels, awards and penalties are up to the user.

Other great new bits and pieces worth checking out include:

shuffle-array() - Generates random permutations from finite sets of variables Grumpicon - Produces SVG and PNG data URLs and PNG files from SVG files Pure - Slimline alternative to YUI and Bootstrap Keys.js - Solves button-problems in a jiffy Parallel.js - Enables pages to perform even data-heavy functions with no fear of blocking UIs

All of these new tools are free, which makes them even more attractive.

Need Hosting? Try ours, it's fast, reliable and feature loaded with support you can depend on.

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