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FuseAp by C7 Data Centres

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One of the companies standing out the most when considering cloud services and colocation is C7 Data Centres. This company, a leader in the provision of disaster-safe Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service) and colocation services for small to medium sized businesses, recently announced FuseAp, a new virtual colocation service generation. FuseAp enables companies to manage IT infrastructures remotely while being assured that data and systems remain secure in high performing redundant virtual environments.

Delivering a full set of robust services, FuseAp includes virtual appliance templates to provide rapid deployment; private virtual colocation suites and a pre-built cloud server library. It also offers hybrid colocation-cloud solutions and migration planning. Set-up services are provided free of charge for new FuseAp clients by C7.

The safety of systems and data is assured by the fact that FuseAp is located in specific purpose-built and audited outsourcing facilities for data. C7 Data Centres operates these facilities in Utah, which is ranked by FEMA to have the lowest potential for disasters in the state. Considering the increasing frequency of natural disasters around the world - brought on primarily by no longer deniable changes in climate - this, of course, is in itself a major bonus.

By using FuseAp to virtualise their colocation footprints, as opposed to regularly paying out large amounts in order to operate, maintain and refresh hardware, businesses can save substantially on capital outlay. Including affordable BGP connectivity - providing unlimited high quality data transfer - the new FuseAp also enables companies to configure and manage infrastructures without having to worry about downtimes, overages, penalties or vendor lock-in.

As options within the colocation and cloud services industry are continually increasing, experts recommend that consumers should do thorough research and select reputable, well-established companies like C7 Data Centres or the equally outstanding ViaWest, both of which are proven to not only be trustworthy, but also sound in technological terms.

High quality, technologically sound services, excellent customer service and support combine with an ideal geographic location and affordable pricing to make C7 Data Centres the logical choice for companies seeking to virtualise their IT infrastructures.

Any small to medium sized company looking for quality, safe and reasonably priced cloud services and colocation options would definitely be served well by choosing C7 Data Centres' new FuseAp virtual colocation service. Quotes for these outstanding services can be obtained via telephone or online and are certainly worth checking out.

Need Hosting? Try ours, it's fast, reliable and feature loaded with support you can depend on.

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