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Facts vs Lies: On Internet Marketing

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Don't be fooled by marketers who are eyeing on you to get important data and eventually rob money. There are many internet marketing service companies today. Just search online and you'll get a full load of list. Among these items are only few trustworthy companies that you can choose from in order to help you stand tall online. So, to keep you guided, beware of the lies and stick on the facts on internet marketing.

  1. Guaranteed #1 SEO rankings No good SEO or search engine company can ever guarantee a #1 ranking on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and AOL. Google sets the algorithm changes every once in a while and this is a sacred trade that outsiders such as SEO professionals cannot have an idea of. There are only standards provided and this should what the company promises you.

  2. The marketing expert Every marketing consultant can say that he is a marketing expert. Many fall victims with this kind of lie. Yes, perhaps, in the first few steps of the process, the alleged marketing expert is impressive. However, later on, you'll find out that results don't show or was cut through in a short time. Can you say that you've had a marketing expert to do it for you?

  3. Leading company Every marketing company will say that they are the leading company. But after saying yes to their offer, you found out that the company is a scam. It is only there to get money from you. The sales talk is all intended for gaining money from your business without the actual service.

  4. US-based company The dreadful line, "we are a US-based company." But you can tell by the teller's accent that he's not from the US and the area code is different from the usual numbers that you receive every day. Who does that? Only bogus companies.

  5. Affordable rates The telemarketer says, "for only $88 a month, you're website will be maintained in the first page of Google, Yahoo and other search engines." Scrap that. There is got to be more than affordable rates. It has to be quality services. When you're a real company, you know that quality is not cheap it but can be reasonable.

  6. Satisfaction guaranteed It is the same old cliché that we hear from these companies, "satisfaction guaranteed." Due to its usage, people know that it's only a fluff added on the website.

Need Hosting? Try ours, it's fast, reliable and feature loaded with support you can depend on.

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