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High performance handled and monitored by us 24/7/365. A complete solution to provide you with our in house expertise 24/7 tailored to your specific needs. We'll setup a bespoke server for your site using the latest technologies so you can get the most out of your hardware and get your website loading quickly and reliably. Find out more..

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Recommended - High performance cloud servers with no technical knowledge required. If you're hosting multiple websites already and you're looking to consolidate, or if you're looking to isolate yourself from the shared hosting environment but you don't have the time or knoweldge to manage a server, then the Managed cPanel Servers are for you. Find out more..

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Our unmanaged range gives you complete control at rock bottom prices and our cloud platform boasts super fast multipath 40Gb/s network, the latest Intel Xeon V3 CPUs and enterprise grade redundant SSDs. If you're a sysadmin look no further, we offer some of the best specification to price ratio servers available. Find out more..

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What Is CSS’s Role In Web Design?

CSS or Cascading Style Sheets plays an important role in web design. Style sheet is a reference to the document itself but it is the term ‘cascading' that gives CSS its unique quality. When changes are made in one style sheet, CSS enables these changes across all the style sheets, much like the cascading or ripple effect of a waterfall. It allows you to develop the overall look of your website. While HTML focuses on the content and structure of a website, CSS is concerned with elements of presentation such as layout, font and colour. Before CSS came to be used, all these elements had to be included within the HTML itself, which made the documents more complex. This division of functions between HTML and CSS allows web designers greater control over the web pages.

Another function of CSS is that it allows the same page to be rendered differently in different mediums such as print, on screen or even tactile devices. It also supports aural style sheets, which means it decides how a document will sound when rendered in speech. Thus, when designing a web page using CSS, authors can also control the volume and background sound etc of the concerned document before it is used through an oral medium.

CSS is compatible with most web browsers and is also user friendly. It allows you to position and reposition the components of a web page with relative ease. The most essential function of CSS which makes it so integral to web design is its focus on layout over content. Every aspect of layout in a web page can be altered and controlled with ease using CSS, thus making the task of a web designer so much simpler.

Need Web Hosting? Try ours, it's fast, reliable and feature loaded with support you can depend on. From £1.60 / month.

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