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Our CodeIgniter hosting plans come with the CodeIgniter framework pre-installed and fully optimised for performance. We offer a range of services to suit all CodeIgniter developers including module installation and performance monitoring.

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CodeIgniter Nano
£3.00 exc VAT
Save 2 months on our Annual Package annually
£30.00 exc VAT
Save 2 months on our Annual Package
  • -
  • 2 Free Migrations
  • 1 GB Disk Space
  • Host 2 Websites
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • 2 MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL
  • 1 CPU
  • 0.5GB Memory
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CodeIgniter Mega
£6.00 exc VAT
Save 2 months on our Annual Package annually
£60.00 exc VAT
Save 2 months on our Annual Package
  • 1 Free Domain
  • 10 Free Migrations
  • 10 GB Disk Space
  • Host 10 Websites
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • 10 MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL
  • 1 CPU
  • 1GB Memory
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CodeIgniter Giga
£10.00 exc VAT
Save 2 months on our Annual Package annually
£100.00 exc VAT
Save 2 months on our Annual Package
  • 1 Free Domain
  • 15 Free Migrations
  • Unlimited GB Disk Space
  • Host Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL
  • 2 CPU
  • 2GB Memory
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CodeIgniter Tera
£16.00 exc VAT
Save 2 months on our Annual Package annually
£160.00 exc VAT
Save 2 months on our Annual Package
  • 1 Free Domain
  • 15 Free Migrations
  • Unlimited GB Disk Space
  • Host Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL
  • 3 CPU
  • 3GB Memory
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CodeIgniter NanoCodeIgniter MegaCodeIgniter GigaCodeIgniter Tera
Free Domain
Free Migrations 2 10 15 15
GB Disk Space 1 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Host Websites 2 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL Databases 2 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free SSL
CPU 1 1 2 3
Memory 0.5GB 1GB 2GB 3GB
Annually £30.00 Get 2 Months Free £60.00 Get 2 Months Free £100.00 Get 2 Months Free £160.00 Get 2 Months Free
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Why Should I use CodeIgniter?

There are lots of PHP Frameworks around these days, some better than others but its safe to say CodeIgniter is one of the best, most well know and well established frameworks out there. It is extremely lightweight and offers a truly exceptional performance on even the most demanding of web applications.

Do I Need a Dedicated Host?

Whilst CodeIgniter itself can be install on pretty much any web hosting package, it does pay to take out an optimised plan if you run a resource intensive site which is built on the CodeIgniter framework. HostPresto have been hosting CodeIgniter applications for over 10 years so rest assured we know what we’re doing.

CodeIgniter Hosting Features

All our CodeIgniter Hosting plans come with these great features!

Choice of PHP Version
We understand that only experienced developers use CodeIgniter which is why on all packages we offer you the choice of PHP version. You can choose from 5.2 right up to the current release.
Unlimited MySQL Databases
There is nothing worse for a developer than running out of database quota. Well, there are some things. But not much! We offer unlimited MySQL databases on all packages.
Free Daily Backup
You don’t have to worry about losing your data with us. We take a snapshot of all accounts on a daily basis and you can restore your full account from as far back as 3 months ago.
Optimised Servers
All our servers are optimised for CodeIgniter right off the bat so you can be sure your account will be hosted on a box with all of the required modules and dependencies installed.
Unlimited Bandwidth
Whatever your traffic levels, you needn’t worry with HostPresto. We have no bandwidth restrictions or hidden charges on any of our CodeIgniter packages.
Application Support
Our support staff love CodeIgniter and we’ve been supporting it since its creation. We currently host several hundred sites that are powered by CodeIgniter and have experience in all aspects of the framework.
What makes CodeIgniter so popular?
Here are some reasons why HostPresto recommends using CodeIgniter as your go-to PHP framework.
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  • Small Footprint – Some web frameworks are huge and highly resource intensive, not CodeIgniter. It is one of the most lightweight PHP frameworks on the market.
  • Next to ZERO Config – Forget complex configuration options. CodeIgniter has next to zero configuration requirements so you can be up and running in seconds.
  • Excellent Performance – When it comes to performance and resource utilisation, you won’t find better than CodeIgniter.

All CodeIgniter Hosting Plans Include

All of these great features!

Hosters You Can Trust
We’ve been doing this for a long long time. Well over 10 years in fact and during that time we’ve experienced every issue imaginable. This has made us massively experienced in all aspects of web hosting. Not only that, we’ve come to know what our customers want from us and how to deliver it.
Cheap Prices Guaranteed
Not only do we want to provide the UK’s best web hosting service, we want to keep our prices down too. We do not believe that because we offer a better service than most we should charge more. In fact, we’re the opposite. We provide a better service than anyone else but do it for a significantly cheaper monthly fee!
Free Account Migration
If your existing project is hosted elsewhere and that host is running cPanel we can migrate it for free! We also offer migration from other hosts too running things other than cPanel but we need to charge a small fee for this. If you’d like to take us up on any of our migration offers then just let us know.
Knowledgeable Support
All of our support team are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to CodeIgniter. We’ve been supporting it for years! Our owners were also web developers before they became heads of the top UK web hosting company so we know what we’re talking about! Whatever you need, whatever time of day and however infuriating your CodeIgniter projects becomes – we’re here to help!
UK Everything
What do you mean by UK everything I hear you ask? Well, in short, everything we do is based out of the UK. Our hardware is in the UK, our support team is in the UK and we’re in the UK! What all this means is that you can get the support you need as and when you need it without having to wait for the Americans to wake up!
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the attraction of CodeIgniter over other frameworks?
For most it’s down to personal preference if starting from scratch or you may have inherited a project built on a given framework initially. CodeIgniter has an extremely small footprint and is extremely lightweight in comparison to other PHP frameworks. This makes it a fairly attractive option for a lot of developers.
Will my hosting account come with all of the required modules and dependencies?
Yes, our CodeIgniter hosting plans not only come with the framework installed, the servers are also optimised and configured to get the most out of the application.
Do I need a CodeIgniter optimised plan or will any hosting account suffice?
CodeIgniter will work on any of our hosting plans but there will be additional configuration needed along with the install.
I have a complex build with another host - will you help me move it?
Yes, we can migrate any site for you, regardless of framework. Just let us know what you need us to do when you sign up.
Where can I read more about CodeIgniter and its benefits?
Our community section has a ton of fantastic tutorials from getting started to building your first application on CodeIgniter.

More than happy!
"I’ve been using CodeIgniter for the best part of 6 years and whilst I am aware that there are probably better PHP frameworks out there I like what I like and I’m loyal to CodeIgniter. Whilst it can run on pretty much any hosting solution “out of the box” I think it’s much better to host on a server which is configured properly. Thankfully HostPresto provide THE perfect CodeIgniter hosting service in my opinion."
Chris Thompson
Crewe, Cheshire
Fantastic service!
"If you’re a PHP developer looking for framework specific web hosting then look no further than HostPresto. I’ve been with them since day one and as my development needs and requirements have changed HostPresto have been there to support me every single step of the way. I currently use their CodeIgniter hosting service and I couldn’t be happier."
Richard Wilson
Buxton, Derbyshire
Great uptime percentage!
"Running CodeIgniter in this day and age is probably frowned upon, but I’m too set in my ways to change. Thankfully HostPresto still provide and fully support a CodeIgniter server solution which means I can get my projects up and running quickly without going through the long and tedious configuration process like with other web hosts."
Derek Walls
Hartlepool, Durham

Why host with HostPresto?

There are many great reasons to use HostPresto for your CodeIgniter app hosting!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
We offer a 30 day no strings money back guarantee on all of our web hosting products, CodeIgniter hosting included.
Genuine, Personal Service
HostPresto is an independent UK host. We pride ourselves in our personal touch and attention to detail, and we’ll go above and beyond for you.
Highest Rated TrustPilot Web Host
We’re one of the highest rated web hosting companies on TrustPilot. Over customers love us, join us and see why.
Low Price, High Performance
We’re a low price high performance hosting firm offering a premium service for a low monthly price.
24/7 UK Based Support
Our firm is 100% UK based from our servers right through to our UK support team and senior management staff.
Free Migration
We offer a free UK migration service for all new customers, reseller accounts included. Just let us know what you’d like us to do.
No Setup Fees or Contracts
There are no setup fees or contracts with any of the plans we offer. The price you see is the price you’ll pay.
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
99.9% uptime is standard across all our packages. Keep your clients happy with an industry best uptime record.

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